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Doozy Cool Crush 50ml Shortfill


FREE UK Delivery on orders above £20

Doozy Cool Crush 50ml Shortfill

A description of 'berries' in the flavour notes of a juice is quite a broad statement. There is no way to pin point the flavour experience of Cool Crush, on the inhale there's a warm fruity base with notes of red currant, grape and blue raspberry. On the exhale the flavour changes and bright notes of raspberry come through riding succulent on an iced freshness. The thing about this juice is that the experience always changes. Where once there was raspberry there might be melons, where there were melons there might be grape and raspberry. The juice evolves on the tongue. The experience remains fruity and bright, cool and refreshing. The juice excels on the dripper providing an ever changing inhale and exhale experience.