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B Careless Disposable Vape Device 500 Puffs

B Careless Disposable Vape Device 500 Puffs


B Careless disposable vapes are specially designed to provide our customers with almost 30 cigarette capacity from its e-liquid. We intend to make our product user-friendly. It is an attractive product for beginners who love to inhale less but exhale with strong cloudy vapours. Our premium quality disposable vapes are designed to be fit in your pocket or small handy pouches so that you can quickly bring them wherever you want. 

These vapes are
MTL (mouth to lung) vapes that do not irritate your throat membrane. Secondly, B Careless disposable vapes carry equal VG and PG levels. Thus, we cover a vast range of vapers that can satisfy our customer’s taste buds and the NIC cravings. We focus on a speedy delivery process, so if you are about to buy one, then make a call to us and get the best because you deserve it. 

We offer you currently one of the most demanded disposable B Careless disposable vapes. These vapes are pretty easy to use for all the vapers, whether they are beginners or vaping for a long time. They provide up to 500 puffs, and even the last puff tastes the same as the first one. Its 400 mAh battery gives you the perfect availability to enjoy your puffs whenever you need it. 

Features of B Careless Disposable Vape:

  • Up to 500 puffs
  • Mouth to Lung vaping style 
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Equivalent to 30 cigarettes
  • Draw activated
  • Small form factor 
  • 20mg or 2% nicotine 
  • 50% VG 50% PG
  • Mouth to Lung
  • Nicotine salt e-liquid 

List of the Flavours of B Careless Disposable Vape:

  1. Apple Mango Ice
  2. Blueberry Ice
  3. Bubblegum Ice
  4. Cherry Ice
  5. Cola Ice
  6. Energy Drink
  7. Grape Ice
  8. Guava
  9. Lush Ice
  10. Lychee Ice
  11. Mango Ice
  12. Peach Ice
  13. Raspberry
  14. Sour Apple
  15. Strawberry Ice Cream

Let’s dive into the fruity river of B Careless Disposable Vape: 

  • Apple Mango Ice: It is a fantastic blend of juicy apples, sweet mangoes and ice to bring you to the skies. 
  • Blueberry Ice: It's a lovely enriched flavour with a pulpy touch. You would never resist it once you take it to your mouth. 
  • Bubblegum Ice: This flavour is a unique invention of B Careless disposable vapes that gives the fruity blend a touch. 
  • Cherry Ice: Cherry lovers know why they skip other fruit while they find cherries on the table. So, it's a fine piece of advice to give it a try. 
  • Cola Ice: Don’t forget to inhale the blend of cola and ice because it will give you a great touch of nicotine intake. This flavour will add a taste of chilled cola to each puff. 
  • Energy Drink: This flavour can give you amazing touch of different juices that carry both sweet and citric tastes in them.
  • Grape Ice: We have intentionally focused on getting the splendid pulpy touch. This flavour is the best one for the vapers who want something that makes them originally sweetish flavour with a slight touch of tartaric flavour. 
  • Guava: If you don’t appreciate the double flavour and focus on the sweet one, this flavour is undoubtedly for you. 
  • Lush Ice: It's a delightful mixture of seasonal watermelon and ice that will give you a high touch of chilled sweet puffs. 
  • Lychee Ice: It is a juicy chilled flavoured ice puff that will provide you splendid puffs. 
  • Mango Ice: Mango ice vape is one you would never wish to miss once you take it to your mouth because it has some different sweet relishing flavours that can beat a number of sweet flavours. 
  • Peach Ice: Peach entertains you with double taste flavour. In the same way, peach ice by B Careless disposable vape will give you a touch of pulpy sweet and sour flavour. 
  • Raspberry: Raspberries are one of the wonderful flavours of God because, along with health, this fruit is also enriched with a sweet flavour and tastes perfectly flattering. 
  • Sour Apple: Don’t forget to enjoy this thrilling sour flavour. It gives a spark of citric flavour. 
  • Strawberry Ice Cream: Strawberry Icecream vape flavour can thrill you with the tangy flavour of strawberries and the sweet, creamy flavour of organic ice cream. 

We at Alectrofag are waiting for your order to pay the best customer service in context to the product and the customer services. So don’t let us wait anymore, and allow us to send you what you deserve. Feel free to buy our top-grade B Careless Disposable Vape at our online vape shop in the UK.





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