Mystery Bag


Mystery bags are a popular introduction for customers who enjoy the thrill of the unknown and love to take advantage of saving money wherever possible. Here at Alectrofag we have been working hard to figure out the secret to a 'perfect' mystery bag and we believe we have cracked the code! Our bags come in 3 different sizes 150ml (3 x 50ml Shortfill), 300ml (6 x 50ml Shortfill) & 500ml (10 x 50ml Shortfill).

Each variation has a limited selection of options that will supply us with a vague idea of the type of flavours and VG/PG ratios you would like to receive. Those options are Tobacco, Menthol, Dessert or Fruits for your core flavour and 50VG/50PG  or 70% VG & Higher. 

Because of these small option adjustments you can rest assured that you are getting the best mystery bag service available in the UK, tailored to your own taste buds but still completely unpredictable with a huge selection of premium brands waiting to be unwrapped.