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Beginners guide to vaping


If you're a smoker looking to make a switch, or just interested in what the whole thing is about.

This guide will tell you everything you will need to know to understand the concept of vaping, as well as the practical aspect of what device and e-liquid combo is suitable for your needs.

vaping guide


Vaping mimics the experience of smoking. Vapour is created by a heated element called a coil. The coil is a piece of wire which is heated by the device battery. The heat of the coil turns e-liquid into vapour which can be then inhaled

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Anatomy of vape


The Battery or Mod is the largest section of the device. The mod houses the battery which delivers power to the device. The term mod is frequently used as more advanced kits include features such as display or adjustability features, whereas simpler, more beginner focused devices only house the battery.

Some devices opt for an internal battery which is non - replaceable and is charged via usb. This is usually the case for more compact devices such as pen kits or pods. More high powered devices often feature replaceable batteries which are charged externally

vaping guide


The power from the battery is delivered to the atomizer, part of the vape device which houses the heating coil, The coil is used to heat up the e-liquid along with the cotton wick which soaks up the e-liquid. There are many different types of coils and coil resistance.

The amount of resistance of a coil determines the amount of electricity required to power it, as well as the amount of heat the coil will produce. Wicks are made from a number of materials featuring cotton, twisted silica, eko-wool, ceramic and stainless steel mesh.


The tank is the part of the device which holds the juice & atomizer. There are a variety of types of tanks on the market. Tanks are sold together with mods forming a kit. However both mods and tanks can be purchased separately as a replacement or in a form of upgrade.


vaping guide

There are two distinct styles of vaping, MTL or Mouth To Lung and DTL or Direct To Lung. Mouth to lung devices replicate the experience of smoking, where the vapour is first drawn into the mouth, before being fully inhaled into the lungs.

vaping guide

This style is more common in starter kits and pods. DTL on the other hand works by inhaling the vapour straight to the lungs, this style is mostly used on more advanced devices which provide much higher cloud production.



These devices are designed to imitate a cigarette as close as possible, these devices were the first vape kits available on the market. They are often disposable, however there are options which can be refilled or feature replaceable cartridges. The main benefit of cigalikes is their ease of use, many smokers find them the least intimidating option, however with many new options on the market, the cigalike is considered obsolete and not the best option for beginner vapers.

Disadvantages of cigalikes include poor battery life, limited refill and expandability options, we wouldn’t recommend them to beginners as there are far better options currently available on the market.



Pod kits are relatively new. The pod kits were popularised after the introduction of the Juul Pod. Due to the success of the Juul, many leading vape manufacturers have introduced their own version of the device. Pods fall in between the traditional cigalike and the pen style device. They operate on a similar basis to the cigalike as they feature removable pods which host the atomizer and e-liquid.

Most devices feature reusable pods which are refillable and include replaceable coils. Pods are small and convenient, they are easy to use and are beginner friendly. However because of the size there is a limit on the battery life, furthermore, pods are mostly designed for mtl vaping style with a fewer dtl options available.



Pens are the most widely used vape devices, they feature a traditional three piece design, composed of the battery, tank and the atomizer. Most vape pens come with a selection of different coils to suit different types of vaping. Vape pens offer more battery life compared to pods and cigalikes. They are more cost efficient and provide a good balance between portability, power and expandability. The main disadvantage is that they are less portable compared to other devices but still within reason.

Vape pen


For those vapers who just want something more, box mods are perfect. Box mods are larger than vape pens and pods and offer a far greater degree of customisation to allow for a more complete vaping experience. Box mods come in different shapes and sizes, they often feature removal and rechargeable batteries. Box mods feature extended battery life with a number of battery options available

They provide a lot more power and are more suitable for DTL vaping, They are more bulky and less portable compared to other options. They are more expensive compared to pods and vape pens. This type of device might not be as suitable for beginner vapers as they are a lot more advanced and are not as suitable for MTL vaping, which is the recommended style for smokers looking to quit.

Box Mods


For beginners looking to quit, we recommend MTL devices such as pods and vape pens. They provide the perfect balance between the ease of use and likeness to smoking. To see our selection of starter kits which are ideal for beginners click here


E-liquid or e-juice is a substance made out of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, or more commonly referred to as PG & VG. These liquids are commonly used in food, medicine and cosmetics. VG is naturally found in plants and serves as the thickening agent in the mixture. PG on the other hand is more watery and is used as the base for nicotine and flavour.

Besides PG & VG, flavourings as well as nicotine is used.

It’s important to note however that nicotine is optional and not required, this is left to the personal preference of the user.

Box Mods


When shopping for e-liquids, one of the most important factors to consider besides the flavour and nicotine content is the VG/PG ratio. The ratio always adds up to 100%, there are different types ratios such as 50% VG / 50% PG or 70% VG 30% PG being the most common.

50/50 E-Liquids are the best choice for beginners, because they are less thick when compared to 70/30 which contain more of the thick VG. Because of the consistency they require less power to heat up, making them perfect for pods and starter kits that Utilise the MTL style of vaping. Higher VG liquids such as 70/30 provide higher cloud production but require more power, thus they are more suitable for box mods using the DTL style of vaping.

Propylene Glycol

Gunk Build Up
Flavour Intensity
Vapour Density
Throat Hit

Vegetable Glycerin

Gunk Build Up
Flavour Intensity
Vapour Density
Throat Hit



These liquids are high pg and are designed to help those wanting to quit smoking. This e-liquid type offers high levels of nicotine and delivers a stronger throat hit. These e-liquids focus on stimulating the feel of smoking and they provide less cloud production. Because this liquid is PG heavy, it’s relatively runny, so it can be easily vaped at a lower temperature allowing for strengths up to 20mg. These devices are best for vape pens and pods

Click here to view our selection of pods & pens.


These liquids are designed for more high powered devices and are focused on generating more flavour and cloud production. These liquids are thicker and are VG heavy, with the most common ration being 70% VG 30% PG. Because these e-liquids are designed for high powered devices, they are vaped at a much higher temperature, this means the nicotine levels are limited, with strengths usually stopping at 6mg.


These juices provide a great balance between flavour and cloud production. A key advantage of a 50/50 liquid is their versatility, as they can be used both in high powered sub-ohm devices, as well as entry level pen kits and pods. Nicotine levels for 50/50 e-liquids range anywhere from 0mg to 11mg.


Nicotine salts are e-liquids which contain a different type of nicotine compared to traditional (freebase) nicotine found in standard e-liquids. Nicotine Salts are different to freebase nicotine in many ways.

The key characteristic of nicotine salts is that they are absorbed faster into the body, they also provide a more intense nicotine hit which satisfies your cravings for much longer

To read more about nicotine salts, click here

Nicotine Salts


Shortfill is the most common type of e liquid found on the market. In 2017 TPD or Tobacco Products Directive came into effect which significantly affected how e-liquids are sold. The legislation prohibits the sale of e-liquids containing nicotine in bottles larger than 10ml. This is where shortfills come into play.

A shortfill is a bottle of eliquid which is underfilled, as they are intended to be topped up by nicotine from nicotine shots, these are usually sold separately. At, every shortfill is sold with a free nicotine shot included.

To read more about shortfills click here


If you’re a beginner, picking the ideal nicotine strength is crucial, not enough and your cravings will not be satisfied, too much and you will be put off as it can cause headaches and feeling of lightheadedness in addition to being harsh on your throat.

Use the illustrations below to see which nicotine strength is ideal for your cigarette use.



Because vaping was designed to mimic the experience of smoking, it is the best nicotine replacement therapy available. Many smokers have successfully switched to vaping without going through the trouble of withdrawal symptoms which are often associated with other methods.

By switching to vaping, you can significantly improve your health and avoid the risk of disease usually associated with smoking

Another significant advantage of vaping is that it’s much more cost efficient when compared to smoking.


Innovatice Devices that uses a Vaporiser


Free of Tar and other Carcinogenic substances harmful to the human body


Much Lower Prices that the traditional Cigarette, up to 55% cheaper


Harmless to others and the Environment

By switching to vaping you can save your health and your wallet.


You might be familiar with a recent spout of scaremongering in the media related to vaping. Fortunately the data does not support many of those claims. According to Public Health England, e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco.

We know that by switching to vaping, you reduce your body’s exposure to tar and a large number of other dangerous chemicals which can have a catastrophic effect on your long term health.

If you are a smoker who is struggling to quit, vaping is the most effective, cost efficient and safe option which is currently available. Moreover, the use of vaping to quit smoking is officially endorsed by the NHS