Battery Safety


18650 Battery Safety: Tips You Need to Know

Vaping has rapidly become a popular option for many smokers and only just recently the demand has moved on from the standard eGo electronic cigarettes with batteries built in, to the box mod. The box mod is a separate battery which you can add to any tank, with features that are far superior to the regular e cigarette, read more about box mods here. These types of electronic cigarettes will often use a separate removable battery known as the 18650. This type of battery is now in high demand, and unfortunately with high demand comes some dodgy products with many Chinese manufacturers trying to take advantage. Whether you have a poor manufactured 18650 battery or an expensive option, to vape safely you need to understand how to properly use your e-cigarette to avoid accidents that could harm you and your device. Here are some of the top tips to keep in mind when it comes to 18650 battery safety with e-cigarettes:


Recognise that your e-cigarette is not a toy. It is a high-tech device that deserves your respect. As such, you should only purchase your electronic cigarettes, mods, and related products from reputable vendors that have a track record of providing quality offerings to their customers.


  1. Given the importance of battery safety, never opt for cheap chargers. With electronic cigarettes – as with so much in life, you usually get what you pay for. No matter how much you might like the thought of saving a few dollars here and there, you don’t want to cut corners with your e-cigarette power source.
  2. Make sure that your charger is the right one for your battery. Every device comes with a wall adapter and a cable for charging. These are the recommended charging tools for that device and are the best option for ensuring the safety of that e-cigarette and anyone who comes into contact with it.
  3. With mods, you need to ensure that you are charging at the right amp level. The most common charge level for properly regulated internal battery units is somewhere between .5 amps and 2 amps. Your device’s manual should provide the exact specifications you need to know.
  4. Avoid overnight charging, since many accidents can occur when devices are left unsupervised. Instead, only charge your battery when you are awake and around to keep an eye on everything. By the same token, try to avoid overcharging your internal batteries, as this can diminish the device’s life span. Batteries should be removed from their chargers once they are fully charged.
  5. Make sure that any battery wrap is in good condition. If that plastic sheath has holes or other damage, then replace it.
  6. Always verify that you are inserting batteries properly. Check out the correct orientation specs for any mod batteries, and follow those guidelines to the letter.
  7. With multiple batteries, it is best to replace all of them at the same time. So, if you have a mod powered by two batteries, always charge or replace those batteries in pairs.
  8. Clean your mods on a regular basis. When your threads become dirty, your mod circuits can be disrupted and buttons can get stuck in place. Use a cotton swab or wipe to clean the unit with alcohol.
  9. Watch your coil resistance limits. This is especially true for vaping aficionados who build their own coil setups. Remember, most experts recommend that you never go below .2 ohms, since anything below that level can increase the risk of accidents or other mishaps.
  10. Store your batteries properly, to avoid shorting them out. Short circuits can occur when the negative and positive terminals come into contact with the battery simultaneously, or due to careless storage habits. For example, batteries can experience a host of problems when they are stored with objects made of metal. As a rule, never store them in a junk drawer or tool chest. If your battery or mod heats up inexplicably, you may have a short circuit on your hands.
  11. Never totally deplete your battery’s charge either. With most batteries, there is a recognisable reduction in capability as they near depletion. When you get those indications that your battery is low on power, replace that power source for another.
  12. Use caution when disposing of your old batteries. Batteries are filled with dangerous chemicals that can produce toxic fumes or cause an explosion, so avoid throwing them in fire or other careless disposal options. Instead, locate a recycling centre and take them there.
  13. Most of us are so accustomed to electricity and battery-powered devices that we often give little thought to how we are using them. Small battery-powered devices like e-cigarettes, however, can pose a special risk for consumers who fail to take the proper precautions. The good news is that battery safety is not rocket science, and there is plenty of information available to help vaping fans enjoy their electronic cigarettes without fear of accident. By following these simple safety tips, you too can enjoy all the benefits your e-cig has to offer, and do so with the peace of mind you deserve.