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twelve monkeys


This brand Twelve Monkeys E-Liquid has won awards for a reason; they bring you some of the most delicate possible flavours that stay with you.

These E-Juices undergo the severest of user acceptance and lab testing. If you want some excellent e-fluid, Twelve Monkeys has a range to offer; if you need strong tobacco or mint flavour, there’s a wide range for them too.

Twelve Monkeys believes in quantity but along with quality, and you can never go wrong with a brand that knows the value of quality. The flavours are true to their descriptions and near reality.

This one of the best e-liquid brands will give you an experience that you have never had before. read more .... 

Top Shortfill of Twelve Monkeys by Alectrofag:

  • Circle of Life - 65 VG
  • Queen Soko - 65 VG
  • Jungle Secrets - 65 VG
  • Hakuna - 65 VG
  • Harambae - 70 VG
  • Matata - 75 VG
  • Mazcaraz - 65 VG
  • Bonogurt - 75 VG
  • Kanzi - 80 VG
  • Mangabeys - 75 VG
  • O-RangZ - 75 VG
  • Tropika - 90 VG
  • Congo Cream - 65 VG
  • And Many More

Besides all of these mentioned Twelve Monkeys Shortfill, we have more for you. Scroll down and see for yourself the fantastic dew dropping fresh breeze tasty fruits packed in bottles with fresh odour in each drop.

Circle of Life - VG:

After much fun in the sun, the monkeys of the Tribe12M wilderness return again to their underlying foundations to observe their darling pear tree in full sprout. Dazzling the full pith of this tasty and scrumptious organic product, from its brilliant, splendid skin deeply. Twelve Monkeys E-Liquid, Appreciate significant pieces of sweet nectar as wonderful cuts of delicious and flavorful pear leave your taste buds in a thrilling pear-adise!

Queen Soko - 65 VG:

Make a stride inside the sublime realm of Queen Soko! Known for prospering the Tribe12M populace with the best tasting natural products around.

This very new Twelve Monkeys E-Liquid is a mix of cautiously handpicked strawberries blended in with unpretentious melodic tones of lemon citrus that has won the hearts of many. This superb Queen was given no big surprise "Soko," signifying "market". She is undoubted, the Queen of the Market.

Jungle Secrets - 65 VG:

Profound inside the Tribe12M wilderness, a sacrosanct formula was delivered to the external world interestingly. Colourful natural products developed from the heavenly 12M fields have been handpicked to make this superb combination of mango-lychee.

Relish in the juices of mouth-watering tropical mangos, impeccably adjusted with restoring and brilliant lychee notes. How did the clan accomplish such an equilibrium? Well...that's confidential.

Hakuna - 65 VG:

Presenting Hakuna a fine determination of succulent and tempting apples, handpicked directly from the hallowed extended of the Tribe12M wilderness. Fuji and Granny Smith apples work in ideal amicability to make this refreshingly adjusted mix with a light cranberry finish. The brilliance of the ripest apples will fill your faculties, trailed by a bit of pleasantness.

Harambae - 70 VG:

Harambae Twelve Monkeys e-liquid highlights a tart citrus harmony of grapefruit features combined with lemon, lime, blood orange and reviving guava hints. This citrus collaboration's lively and sharp breathe out will be the deliverer as you would prefer buds when all the other things feel dull!

Matata - 75 VG:

Matata raised Kanzi and knows some things about delightful fruity vapes. Huge, strong grape on the breathe in, trailed by a smooth, ready apple breathe out. This splendid and delicious mix will stir your taste buds the entire day consistently.

Macaraz* - 65 VG:

The macaques love their natural products, yet in addition, their baked goods! MacaRaz joins these two with a flavorful perplexing sugary treat of French macaron, nutty almonds and raspberry filling. Ideal for a choice treat in a hurry!

Bonogurt - 75 VG:

South of the Congo River, the Bonobos have been cautiously culminating a delightful formula that makes certain to satisfy yoghurt darlings! An impeccably adjusted, tasty song of different berries adjusted with rich and tart yoghurt.

Kanzi - 80 VG:

A Primate with a sweet tooth; Kanzi has a preference for, hands down, the best fruity flavours. This combination of strawberries, watermelon and a touch of kiwi makes certain to satisfy the most insightful natural product authority. Kanzi is a delectable organic product mixture that makes certain to salivate any sense of taste. The ideal backup to Kanzi while dominating a match of Pac-Man.

Mangabeys - 75 VG:

Tropika's Caribbean cousin has shown up! Mangabeys are connected in idea yet unmistakable in flavour. Mangabeys will move you to the bright lighthearted shores of the Caribbean islands.

This brilliant and new mix of Pineapple, Mango and Guava is complemented by a horde of Caribbean leafy foods, the ideal ally for a day relaxing in the warm tropical sun. Let Mangabeys' Caribbean explicit natural products provide you with a sample of the island way of life!

O-RangZ* - 75 VG:

Burnt out on scrounging for food during the languid morning dew, Twelve Monkeys fostered the ideal breakfast to facilitate the morning blues. A cautious marriage of lemony natural products emphasized by wheaty cereal and wrapped up with velvety milk.

The ideal vape to get going your day AND vape day in and day out. O-RangZ brings back recollections of a dearest oat from adolescence. Twelve Monkeys e-liquid suggests a solid, nourishing breakfast. Not to be utilized as a dinner substitution.

Tropika - 90 VG:

Roused by their basic cousins toward the south, Twelve Monkeys E-Liquid has made an ideal equilibrium of extraordinary tropical organic products consolidated cautiously to bring about one of the most sense of taste satisfying juice mixes known to man.

This satisfying yet not overwhelming blend of tropical natural products is the ideal supplement for any staring off into space, ocean side travelling enthusiast. Pause for a minute and give your taste buds an extraordinary excursion while they endeavour to distinguish what the natural products are!

Congo Cream* - 65 VG:

This enticing formula consolidates two particularly unique velvety vanillas to lift the kind of handpicked, new strawberries. Experience the flavour of this refined cream that has developed to turn into an interesting fortune.

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Twelve Monkeys E-Liquid - FAQ’s

  •  What are Twelve Monkey’s E-Liquids famous for?

    There are some of the best flavours that meet the perfect taste and Twelve Monkey’s are one of them. You can add Hakuna Matata flavours on the top.

  • Why do Twelve Monkey’s E-Liquids have animated names?

    Because these flavours have the taste of jungle freshness in every puff. Plus, it gives a forest touch and smells like that too.

  • Where to get cheap Twelve Monkeys E-Liquids?

    Alectrofag is where you can get Twelve Monkeys E-Liquids at a reasonable price with 3 days delivery. read less...

    Twelve Monkeys E-liquids

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