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Alectrofag’s Replacement pods collection provides yet another great option for customers who might not possess much vaping knowledge but wanted to give up their traditional tobacco smoking habit. A pod kit is a lightweight, portable device that uses pre-filled or refillable pods to replace or in place of a standard vape tank.

To get rid of your old and vape kits, try our new and exciting series of amazingly crafted vape replaceable pods. As we are open to you providing the best vape pods in the UK. These replaceable pods generally contain high-nicotine and standard NIC salts in e-liquids which is perfect for anyone to quit their habit of tobacco smoking read more ....

Some pod kits get old which are in use with not so much the same feel they used to provide, therefore the best way is to replace the old with a new one from the Alectrofag vape replacement pods UK store. Some replaceable vape kits contain high VG: PG with 50:50 or 60:40 depending upon the e-liquids of your choice.

So select your favourite Replacement pods collections from our Online Vape Shop Uk for the compact and convenient Vape Kits by some of our best brands.

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Where to find the best Vape Replacement Vape Pods UK?

We are the best place to find a replacement pod in the UK. As we have mentioned above about our brands and services with reliable delivery management, making us one of the top online vape shops in the UK. However, we have the best products in the town today with ravishing designs and tucked in forms making their way to your doorsteps with care. For any questions and price ranges email us at or chat with our experts via support chat.

As you all know this and understand better that fire/burning is injurious to the human body therefore use of tobacco cigarettes will eventually damage the organs which at a certain age it turns out to be in cancerous form.

Therefore, we care about our customers and are never going to sell products that are injurious to health. So, as we are here striving for the best vape kits the UK have shaken hands with the top vendors getting closer to our customers in any possible way.


Q: What Are Pod Kits?

A: Vape Pod kits are devices similar to that of cigarettes but are lighter sturdy sub-ohm kits that have the capacity and the capability for replaceable as well as fixed batteries. Basically, pods replace the tank or clearomiser which are found in the other vape devices that attach to the mods or the battery compartment with clips. Locks and magnets other than the screw connection of 510 sizes. There are two types of Pods: closed pods and refillable pods.

Closed Pods:

Closed Pods also known as replaceable pods are one of the most convenient pod kits. These closed pods come with pre-filled e-liquids containing a fixed coil. When the closed pod gets empty you simply replace it with another one that is compatible with your vape kit or vape device. With the closed pods you may not get unlimited flavours but limited ones depending upon the device offered by your brand. This can make your device a little less versatile than refillable pods.

Refillable Pods:

Refillable Pods also called open pods, are very easy to use, compact, satisfying and discreet. Similar to an ordinary tank, you can fill your pod with any suitable e-liquid you choose, so you can enjoy the richness of flavours with pleasure. Most of these pods are disposable so when their coils burnt out you simply replaced them with another one. These pod vapes work best with the mixture of nicotine aka NIC salts that have high nicotine content which provides a similar experience to a tobacco-based cigarette.

Q: What E-Liquids should you use Pod Kits with?

A: Both styles of pods generally employ sub-ohm coils that have a higher resistance tendency with the capability to require less power. Basically, e-liquids contain a high concentration of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), with vaping works at lower power and giving remarkable outputs called “classic” or “High PG” e-liquids which are extremely ideal for use in pod devices. Also, those e-liquids that are balanced with the ratio of both PG and VG with 50:50 works extremely well in pod kits.

Nicotine salts in e-liquids give a bit of pleasure to the vapers differently. As using closed pods aka replaceable pods using NIC salts increases the value of nicotine than regular freebase nicotine e-liquids from 15 mg up to 20mg, above this limit, it’s very dangerous and the UK government policy doesn’t allow companies to cross these limits.

Consequently, these devices are designed with low-pH formulation providing a smoother throat hit than similar concentrations of freebase e-liquids and a faster more reliable absorption of nicotine. Therefore, this technique is suitable for the new vapers who might need a similar dose of nicotine as they’re used to from tobacco cigarette smoking.

Spontaneously, the advanced kits that can utilise sub-ohm coils can easily handle thicker high VG (vegetable glycerin) e-liquids, these kits reach the higher power levels to produce great clouds of rich vapour.

Q: Who Should Use Vape Pod Kits?

A: FYI, tobacco smokers are the first priority smokers that should use vape pod kits. Because pods are designed for their benefits. As a user, replaceable pods are the ultimate and exciting direction of producing rich clouds with the hit of NIC salts for pleasure as you can also simply replace it with the new pod with no refilling involved. The users only need to carry a sturdy pod kit which is highly lightweight with no ignition substance usage making it a low profile providing the best flavour of your choice. You can find the top-notch quality closed Replacement pod devices at The Vape Store Online UK with your favourite brands.

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