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Pod Kits

Coming to prominence in 2018, the pod system has taken the vape world by storm and is probably the most popular type of kit that we stock here at Alectrofag. Coming in many shapes, sizes and types; there will be a pod system that will suit you.

The basic premise of the pod system is to have an almost all in one device that is usually smaller in size than a starter kit and in most cases have a slightly longer battery life. Pod systems are also designed to be used with nicotine salts, although you do not have to use nicotine salts you can use whichever e-liquid you prefer!

The first type of pod system that we will talk about is the disposabe pod pos system. These come with refillabke 2ml pods which have a coil inside. The thing that sets these apart from other pod systems is that once the coil has burned out then you will dispose of the pod and replace it with a new one. Some examples of this type of pod system are the Uwell Caliburn/Koko and the SMPO kit. All of these are available at Alectrofag.

The next type of pod system is more akin to an older fashioned all in one device where you have a removable pod on top of the battery section but you will not dispose of this when the coil burns out. You will simply replace the coil and carry on using the same pod. A lot of people like these as they encourage less plastic waste and you are free to buy a number of pods to use exclusively with different flavours. Examples of this type of pod system available at Alectrofag are the Smok Nord, the Lostvape Lyra and the Aspire Breeze 2.

These first two type of pod systems have one thing in common. Like a starter kit they are of a fixed power, meaning no adjustment can be made. This is where the third and newest type of pod system comes in. There are now pod systems available that combine the best parts of the other two with adjustable power settings, making them either a great choice of starter kit or secondary kit for an established vaper. Other features of this type of pod system include not only adjustable power but also a range of different coil types meaning any e-liquid can be used, aforementioned adjustable power (up to 70 watts in some cases) and the option of using a replaceable 18650 battery! Here at Alectrofag we stock a wide range of exciting adjustable power pod systems from top companies like Geekvape (The Boost), Smok (RPM 80) and Voopoo (Vinci X).

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