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Some flavour crazes come and go, but Ken and Kerry's e-liquid ice cream craze is one that has just kept going and going and going, and Ken and Kerry's are at the top of the tree. Managing to combine that sweet and creamy flavour with a cornucopia of amazing fruit flavours, including raspberry, peach, banana and more, Ken and Kerry's will satisfy you on those long summer days! read more ....

Feel the Ice Cream Flavours Anytime with Ken and Kerry’s E-liquids:

What’s crazier than crazy flavours by Ken & Kerry’s in the UK? True right. Therefore, we bring you the sizzling flavours of your favourite ice cream flavours at affordable prices by Ken & Kerry’s e-liquid at vape shop the online UK. Plus we are giving away 50% discount rates for our new customers. So, why wait so long? Order now and get your product with free delivery by ordering £25 or above.

Try out our new peanut butter flavour, which will give you a breakfast feeling; you can use this flavour after your breakfast. As a smoker, you will admit that the first smoke after breakfast is the best way to start your day. Therefore, why won’t that fills with the flavour you use on the bread every morning. So grab Ken & Kerry’s e-liquid Peanut Butter Raspberry right away.

Are you a Creamy Vanilla Lover?

Well, here is something special for you Ken & Kerry bring you their top sells Ken & Kerry’s e-liquid Creamy Vanilla flavour that will take your stress away. With that being said, Ken & Kerry’s Vanilla e-liquid 30/70 % VG/PG with 3mg nicotine strength gives you a massive hit in the throat.

Does the VG/PG percentage effects Vape Quality for Smokers:

For ultimate smokers, smoke must be thicker along with the clouds. Consequently, the wider the smoke produces, the more flavours hit your through with the percentage of 60/40 or 50/50. Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol with the NIC salt, the combination made a great mixture of hard smoker using along with Ken & Kerry’s e-liquid gives you DTL (direct to lungs) smoking experience on every event. Hence, we understand that skipping cigarettes are harsh. That’s why using 20mg nicotine and a punch of NIC salts with increased quantity allows the satisfaction you look forward to.

Where to Order Bundles of Customised Ken & Kerry’s E-Liquids in the UK?

Purchasing E-Liquids in the UK from the manufacturers is a better way and approach for your monthly quota and vice versa. Hence, Alectrofag is the OEM and ODM for Ken & Kerry’s juices. Let us explain how:

Ken & Kerry’s Brand Designers and Equipment Manufacturers/Assemblers:

Alectrofag is the original design manufacturer and the original equipment manufacturer in the UK. Just order your products, and we will manufacture new and improved products for you within 3 days. Our delivery services are faster than any other service provider in the UK. We understand how much your product is essential for you as well as its cost for us. Alectrofag believes in quality; that’s why qualitative delivery services are our number one priority in every case.

You can contact us via our helpline for advanced product quality-wise, i.e., increased percentage of NIC salts and volume of VG/PG, i.e., 30/70. So, order your favourite Ken and Kerry’s vape juice. We acknowledge that UK citizens take their health very seriously, which motivates Alectrofag to manufacture top quality vape kits, pod kits, and advanced kits.

Get the Top-Notch Ken & Kerry’s E-Liquids on a Click Away:

Alectrofag presents the top quality ken and Kerry's vape juice and e-liquid flavours in the UK with low price ranges for every citizen with the best packaging services. Check out some of these flavours:

Every Product is on the Bargain list for better Sales and Productivity:

Alectrofag allows you to bargain about their products online. You can discuss your favourite’s price and ingredient description, and we will compensate for your values in the products. Many customers in the UK look for cheap e-liquid bars but don’t get the chance to find them, and if found, you cannot bargain to decrease the payment methods.

But Alectrofag is giving you this opportunity to bargain for low prices for Ken & Kerry’s e-liquids and ken and Kerry’s vape juice. All you have to do is fill up the registration form and contact us via chatbot or call our helpline at +44 151 308 1372; you can also email us for a better approach with our management team


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