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Honey Flavoured E-Liquids

At it's best when combined with another flavour, honey brings that sweet complimentary undertone to a range of other flavours. Sweet without being overpowering, honey really helps other flavours shine, especially tobacco flavours. Whilst tobacco flavours can be naturally sweet, the addition of honey in the mix can really make them pop. It's not just tobacco flavours that honey can help, there is also a range of beautiful cereal flavours that utilise honey as an enhancer and it realy helps make the flavour!
Nic Strength
  • 50% VG
  • 10ml
  • 3 6 12 18 mg
  • Ice Man
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  • 100ml
  • 2 Free Nic shot
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  • 100ml
  • 2 Free Nic shot
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