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Fnta Vape disposable is a super quality product that is beginner-friendly. So if you have recently started vaping or just converted to e-cigarettes from traditional cigarettes, you just love it. Its inhale active functionality is a super cool function to fulfil the Nic cravings whenever and wherever you feel. It's a super cool disposable vape device with a perfect in-built battery that goes long, just like your desire to vape.  read more .... 

Fnta Vape Disposable with 600 Puffs:

We are pleased to provide our high-quality vape pen with a 2ml pre-filled E-juice tank containing 2% Nic salt. The vape is designed with an inhale activation function, which makes vaping a breeze. You don't need to sit calmly while the coil gets heated up or to worry about e-liquid refills.

Whenever you feel the urge to vape, you may satisfy it in a matter of seconds. Enjoy 600 puffs of Fnta Vape disposable device in an MTL vaping method. It's a reasonably interesting way to take nicotine puffs without experiencing a harsh throat hit. Due to the optimum coil resistance, you will experience no throat irritation enjoy up to 600 puffs in each device.

Fnta Vape Disposable with 3500 Puffs:  

We at Alectrofag are delighted to present you with the top battery performance Fnta vape disposable 3500 puffs device. A 1400mAh provides the highest amount of push required to vaporise the tasty Nic e-liquid. The tank holds 2ml of e-juice containing a nicotine salt concentration of 20mg.

The device's design is quite stylish, and it is small enough to slip into a pocket or handbag if you're going to a party. We have a wonderful selection of flavours for our vapers to pick from that will keep them chilled in each puff. Thus, don’t forget to place your order and indulge in our exotically delectable vape flavours. And the new one is Fnta Max Bar 5000 puffs.

Here are Some Yummy Flavours of Fnta Vape Disposable:

  • Green Apple: This is a slightly sweet but intensely tart flavour of juicy green apples. 
  • Mango & Passion Fruit: It is a mouth-watering flavour of purely sweet mangoes and sour notes of tart passion fruit.  
  • Orange Peach Passion Fruit: It is a super tasty blend of three amazingly juicy fruits orange, passion fruit and peach. This flavour has strong tart notes of passion fruit and orange which ends with the sweetness of peaches. 
  • Toronja: Toronja is a dominantly citric favour with strong notes of grapefruit. 
  • Vimto Fizzy: Vimto Fizzy is a super citric flavour that comes with the blend of so many citric fruits. 
  • Wild Cherry: As wild cherry is a double flavoured fruit, so wild cherry Fnta Bar vape carries all the sweet and sour notes inside the tank. 

Final Thoughts: 

We take pride to present our top-notch Fnta Vape Disposable. The vape is available in two puffs capacities, in 600 puffs and 3500 puffs, you can choose just in accordance to your need. Its super tasty flavours are always up to take your taste buds to the skies. Its built-in battery does not let you down in your craving moments and works fantastic to fulfil your cravings.

So, do not feel hesitation to make a call or leave a text message to our customer support centre in case of any unsolved queries. Avail best quality product at lower prices and rock the eve inhaling flavoured Fnta Vape disposable with so many nicotine puffs. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1- How many puffs are available in Fnta Bar? 

Basically, it entirely depends on the device you purchase. There are two options with 600 and 3500 puffs. So, if you buy the first one, you can enjoy up to 600 nicotine puffs. On the other hand, you have the option of up to 3500 flavoured puffs. A quality product like Fnta vape disposable is super fit to use because its battery does not disappoint you. 

2- Does Fnta disposable vape dry out? 

In the case of disposable vapes, you don’t refill the e-juice again and again. The tank is always pre-filled with the e-liquid, and the battery works to convert it into nicotine vapours. So, there is a chance that the pre-filled battery gets down after its supposed duration, and the liquid is still not used properly.

Yet there is no way to vaporise the stored e-juice without any consumption. Still, you can be aware of the battery issues by researching for the best quality disposable vape that does not disappoint you in any way, like Fnta disposable vape. 

3- How can I make my disposable vape last longer? 

Keeping the vape at room temperature will help in making it last longer. Actually, if the environmental temperature is lower than the room temperature, then the coil will take more energy to get started. For this purpose, the battery will be supposed to work harder, and this will cause you to lose. Thus, you can avail yourself of the whole amount of e-juice if the battery is not pushed more than its capacity. 

4- Is 2% nicotine is enough to enjoy? 

Yes, 2% nicotine concentration is pretty cool to enjoy a nice nicotine thrill in each puff. Additionally, it is a safe percentage of nicotine dosage that is suggested by the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). Here is another thing necessary to be quoted it's a perfect nicotine buzz that is near to that of the traditional cigarette. Additionally, it is a super friendly Nic buzz that satisfies your craving. 

5- Can you refill the disposable vape?  

As it is clear with the name of the disposable vape devices, they are not meant to be refilled by new e-juice. You get a pre-filled e-liquid device and enjoy it until the battery dies, and the liquid tank is finished. So there is no way to refill it at any stage, and no benefit will be seen at all.

Here you enjoy the pre-filled e-juice till it gets finished and the battery gets discharged and then it is meant to be thrown in the dustbin. In this context, people prefer to use Fnta disposable vapes to avoid any inconvenience in the form of refilling the tank and recharging the battery.  read less...

Fnta Vape Disposable

Nic Strength
  • 1400mAh
  • 2ml
  • 20mg
  • 3500Puffs
  • 600 Puffs
  • 2ml
  • 20mg
  • 600Puffs
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