Elux ENE Legend 3500

Haven’t you tried the talk-of-the-town device yet: Elux ENE Legend 3500? The highly-acclaimed, state-of-the-art and innovative vape device has all the features you need to step up your vaping game. It is driven by a 1500mAh battery, holds a 10ml e-liquid tank, contains a mesh coil to heat the e-juice fluently, and provides around 3500 flavoursome puffs with an MTL hit. A perk of using this disposable vape device is the enhanced flavour delivery and the entirely diverse range of flavours from the previous Elux vape series. Anyone can comfortably use the device with its duck soup functionality. Order this avant-garde and futuristic disposable vape device today from Alectrofag and give your vape bucket list an upgradation!