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Cocktail Flavoured E-Liquids

Nic Strength

Cocktail stands for different flavours and experiences that are massively popular everywhere you go. Cocktails can be bitter mixed with sweet or smooth mixed with sour, it all depends on what you like. Cocktails have the same feel as holidays and beaches. They are a sign of good times and of happiness.

Cocktail flavoured E-juices will vary madly in what they offer due to the near unlimited potential they have. Some will be sweet but may have elements of wintry chill, bitterness or a whole crowd of flavours hitting your taste buds all at once. Cocktail flavoured E-liquids are to dive into the unknown. It is difficult to really describe what a cocktail flavour is. Its is better just trying some and finding out.

These have some Sweet, sour and refreshing notes on the inhale and soothing sweet on the exhale.