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Wenax Stylus by GeekVape

The ultimate level up in the vaping game, wenax stylus pod kit by GeekVape is your perfect vaping pod kit.

Looks: This device gets a complete score on looks, because it is simple it is slim and it is portable. Wenax pod kit is made up of unibody aluminum and is available in 5 beautiful shades that add class to your look. The shades are granite gray, space gray, classic black, ocean blue, army green and devil red.

Battery and Activation: Wenax pod kit has a 1100MAh in-built battery that lasts for two days, impressive isn’t it? The device has two modes of activation. It can be activated by just inhaling and it also can be activated by pressing the fire button underneath the device for a richer flavor and with high wattage setting.

Pod and Coil: The pod in Wenax stylus has 2ml e-liquid capacity and these pods are refillable, takes around 10 seconds to refill the pod; easy and smooth, right?
0.6 and 0.12-ohm coils are used in this device. It also offers you a hassle-free coil changing experience.

Wenax Stylus is the best for getting the perfect flavor along with good clouds, this is without any doubt an excellent device for mellow flavors. it also can identify mixed flavors really well.
Wenax kit gives you the best flavorful vaping experience all day long along with no difficulty of carrying a big device, it is light weight but it is power-packed.