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Vape Kit Reviews


by web listing 23 Dec 2020

VOOPOO is the genius behind the premium class vape box mods and starter kits for the electronic cigarette industry. Recently, VOOPOO has extended its range of products, producing astonishing vape frameworks. Besides the incline within its advancement in its tech, the organization effectively sets the world's quickest start speed and makes the power compensation mode, so their e-cigarettes are swifter and more durable.

The VOOPOO Argus X Kit is the all new expansion to the "Argus Series" that follows the Argus Pro, Argus GT, and Argus Air. Furthermore, the VOOPOO ARGUS X gadget includes a single external battery like the Argus Pro. This work of art is furnished with Voopoo PNP Pod Tank which can make an impressive switch between POD and TANK.

Let us plunge into a more nuanced examination of its numerous highlights:

Quality & Design

The Argus X is crafted with metal leather, so it is durable and comfortable to use. The stylish and elegant look fulfills its purpose both when held and whilst carrying. The curved surfaces and more profound texture give it a sleek and shiny finish. So, there is no off-set in its appearance and classy-look.


The Argus X is available in a choice of five classic colors and a classic combination of leather and metal, that are: Denim & Silver, Vintage Grey & Silver, Litchi Leather & Red, Litchi Leather & Blue Carbon Fiber & Black.



It uses new age GENE.TT Chip that can rapidly light the gadget within 0.001 seconds and give the wise ID of a coil, smart mode, and RBA mode. The RBA mode permits you to modify your inclinations and completely control the resistance and wattage. The pressing of the power button switches between smart mode and RBA mode.

You can change the force you need with the 5-80W flexible power range. The PnP Pod Cartridge can hold 4.5ml and 2ml (TBD version) e-juice and accompanies a base filling framework. Also, it highlights an inventive boundless wind stream framework to bring stunning flavor for you. Viable with all PnP Coils, you can appreciate different vaping styles. The 0.96in display screen briefs all your vaping stats and running modes. You can simply use buttons and can increase or decrease the voltage to your desired voltage and resistance level.

Highlights on some of the special features of the device!

  • Ultra-fast Firing Speed of 0.001s
  • Innovative infinite airflow system
  • Magnetic Pod Connection
  • Compatible with all PnP Coils
  • Bottom Press-Fit Coil Installation
  • 2ml e-liquid capacity (TBD edition)
  • MTL and DTL settings
  • Metal & leather design

Battery Life:

The Argus X is fueled by a solitary 18650 battery (outer), which can furnish you with the flexibility you need for a Pod Mod gadget and convey a stunningly steady 80W yield power. Additionally, a USB Type C port with a 2A charging rate puts you right back in the mix to continue enjoying a one-of-a-kind vaping experience.

PnP Pod and Coils:

The pod is removable with a magnetic connection and the filling port is situated on the base which can be handily filled. The filling system forestalls spillage and overflow. The pod cartridge has a joined trickle tip plan that assists in concentrating on seasoning and fume thickness for a more pleasurable vaping experience in general. The bottom end is supported with a movable airflow stream switch which gives you better customization over the snugness of wind current. Argus X case framework contains two PnP coils, which are entirely reasonable for DL (direct lung) and half-DL vaping.

  • PnP-VM6 (0.15ohm coil)
  • PnP-VM1 (0.3ohm coil)

Final Thoughts:

The VOOPOO ARGUS X is an all-round planned open-air device having multiple curved textures, that gives a top-notch feel, regardless of whether you are travelling or walking, your excursion is worth more convenience and care. The numerous in-constructed security chips close by its more extensive adaptability alternatives present to you an exceptional encounter of flavor while vaping.

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