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Vape Kit Reviews


by web listing 29 Oct 2020

Here, we are introducing you with the sleek and rug kit that makes its visual appearance compact and delicate.

Let’s discuss its features in some more detail down below:

Quality & Design

The kit is designed with metallic zin alloy and a soft leather that combine the beautiful sleekness and ruggedness to give it an attractive look. An ergonomic gadget with comforting hand-feel without a doubt.

Color Range:

Six beautiful colors are available which perfectly designed and fulfil their purpose. The colors are reddish brown, charcoal black, granite gray, navy blue, urban camo and retro brown.

reddish brown

Redish Brown

Charcoal Black

Charcoal Black

Granite Gray

Granite Gray

Navy Blue

Navy Blue

Urban camo

Urban camo

Retro Brown

Retro Brown


Aspire BP80 is fully equipped with smart chip like BP60, but upgraded with greater intelligence. The device prominently shines on its super-quick heating, straightforward and simple to-use interface (UI), along with the 80W maximum power.

This device has two user’s mode:


  • Auto mode (Detects In-built resistance and suggest wattage accordingly)
  • Manual mode (Allows you to set any wattage)

Battery Life:

This device has 2500mAh built-in battery, with good capacity of using for longer period. There is a 2A Type-C quick USB port at the bottom features fast charging of the device.

Pod and Coils:

The device has a good range of press-fit installation coils. It includes 0.17Ohm Mesh coil, 0.6Ohm dual coil. TBD has 0.17Ohm and 0.3Ohm Mesh coils.

Newly introduced coil of 0.17Ohm supports the output power ranges 45W-55W.


  • Support all coils of BP60
  • Support RBA system
  • 4.6ml e-liquid filling capacity
  • Precise airflow adjustment
  • Double unlimited airflow holes
  • Easy to refill by removing silicone sealing
  • MTL and DTL settings


The Mod is light in weight but is durable due to zinc alloy. has 0.96-inch color display of TFT screen that allows you to adjust brightness with 5 delightful screen colors.

A large fire button in silver shines stand itself out, while ‘+’ / ‘- ‘buttons are placed at the side in right bottom corner giving clear room and space on the front view.

Final Thoughts:

On the top of all, this device features a wide range of customizability, in addition to its beautiful shape and size. It perfectly makes your vaping smooth and uplift it to a greater degree with its upgraded intelligence and ASP safety chipsets. So much advanced options of BP80 Pod Mod left no choice to ignore it from your consideration!

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