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Vape Kit Reviews


by web listing 22 Dec 2020

SMOK Rigel Mini Kit is a smaller version of the SMOK Rigel 230W Kit. It features the remarkable elements of Rigel while bringing its own slim and lightweight exterior. It is not just reflected in the small size of the mod but also the lighter and more modest TFV9 Mini tank.

Let us have an insight view of it’s knocking features:

Quality & Design

Regarding appearance, the Rigel Mini Kit follows in footsteps of its bigger, glossy version and comes with a finishing touch of solid zinc amalgam, to give it a stunning 3D look. The external layer features an elastic coating, that makes the texture firm and smooth when holding the Rigel Mini. The smooth texture is followed by an exquisite look. Folded over the zinc-combination outline, is plastic, carbon fiber, and a rubber coating, giving the Rigel a lavish vibe, and stunningly better fitment.

Start to finish, you will discover a spring stacked 510 association, enormous clicky force button, 0.96″ TFT Color Screen, two more modest choice fastens, and a USB Type-C charging port with venting openings on the base.


The Smok vape kit is available in 5 astounding colors: Silver, Black, Black Blue, Black Red, and Black Green.





black blue

Black Blue

black green

Black Green

black Red

Black Red


The running and output efficiency of this device is very promising allowing you to enjoy its usage to the last minute. The smooth and fully automated options give you full command over operating it, you can simply choose your desired wattage and resistance level for an unmatched vaping experience.

Highlights on some of the special features of the device!

  • Gold-plating 510 Thread Connector
  • Dual Slotted Bottom Airflow Control Ring
  • 2mL Refillable Tank Capacity (TBD Edition)
  • Multiple Protections to Avoid Potential Risks
  • Free Switching of Desired Flavors
  • Type-C for Hassle-free Fast Charging

Battery Life:

Rigel Mini pack requires a solitary outer 18650 battery to give persistent force. Rigel Mini uses Type-C for quick charging, subsequently limiting personal time, and the yield current is as high as 1.4A. Utilizing the brand's one of a kind chipset innovation, steady and solid mod, numerous options can be optimized. The force scope of 1W-80W permits you to appreciate the most fulfilling mists and flavors for the day as per your capacity inclinations.

TFV9 Mini Tank:

SMOK Rigel Mini vape Kit coordinates the TFV9 Mini Tank. Its measurement is 23mm, lighter and more modest, and the e-fluid limit is 3ml (2ml TBD edition). Furnished with a sliding top-fill framework, the TFV9 Mini Tank can top off through a solitary fill port. It comprises of a locking, child-safe top cover to improve security. The locking component of the top cover receives lifting and opening techniques to keep the tension of children out of the topic. This plan can viably forestall unplanned opening of the top cover and spillage of e-fluid.

Also, the TFV9 Mini tank has overhauled the air-control framework, which can change the measure of air admission by pivoting the wind stream ring, permitting you to control the snugness of each draw.

The tank is accessible in a grand and wide scope of shadings, Matte Black Plating, Red, Gold, Green, SS, Gun Metal, 7-Color, Blue, Sky Blue.

The Compatibility of the tank lies with:

  • V9 mesh coil and (Kanthal mesh 0.15ohm 40-90W)
  • V8 Baby Q2 coil (Dual coils 0.6ohm 20-50W)

Final Thoughts:

The SMOK Rigel Mini Kit is the smaller yet equally fiercer version of Rigel series, highlighting the best adaptability while guaranteeing excellent highlights and satisfying the vaping needs impeccably. The most recent innovation with rich advancement in its plan and appearance ensures it stands out from others. Above all, if you feel any need to elevate your vaping experience, then, it is among the first row of must-try ones!

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