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SMOK NOVO 4 Kit Review

by VT Digital Marketing 22 Mar 2021

The Smok Novo 4 Kit is a recent addition to the Novo series and an updated version which is a fusion of the excellent features of Novo X and Nord 4. It retains the screen, battery, and performance of Novo X whilst inherits the magnificence and ease of use of the Novo series. The SMOK NOVO 4 Kit, with its all-around capabilities, sleek look, and lightweight design, makes an instant impact on the conventional pod kit system.

The Novo 4 kit promotes itself as a practical pod device with slight variation, such as the air-inlet ring that makes it easy to use. The leak-proof coil configuration eliminates the need for a sloppy cleaning and waste of liquid. Moreover, the addition of a Type-C port is a great advantage to increase charging performance.

Let's take a look and explore its depth-in features!

Build & Quality:

A zinc textured alloy frame with a certain hardness and durability gives a lightweight and long-lasting ergonomic feel. The kit has a customizable air-inlet ring to meet all of your vapor needs. It has three silicone rings that provide a more leak-proof experience. Smok Novo 4 operates with an 800mAh battery with a fast Type-C 0.74A charging port. The SMOK Novo 4 Pod System fires up to 5W-25W of power. The Novo 4 comes with one replaceable coil, refillable pod cartridge for a customizable vaping experience.


Smok Novo 4 comes up with the best-advanced functions that fulfill all the requirement of the vapers.

There are some specifications of the kit listed in the table.


93.5 × 26.5 × 17.7mm



Battery Capacity


Power Range


Input Voltage


Output Voltage


Resistance Range


Standby Current


Overcharge Current


Charging Voltage

Max 0.74A

Overcharge Voltage



SMOK NOVO 4 Kit is available in 10 stylish colors with unique designs that are, Blue Grey Cobra, Cyber Pink Cobra, Red Stabilizing Wood, Black Stabilizing Wood, Black Carbon Fiber, Silver Carbon Fiber, Fluid Black Grey, Fluid 7-Color, Black Armor, and White Armor.


The use of the SMOK NOVO 4 Kit is very simple and straight-forward. Everything is ready by clicking, the one-to-all button. The only difference between the powering on/off and adjusting power is the frequency of clicking.

  • Click the power button 5 times for switching the Novo 4 device ON/0FF.
  • To maintain power adjustments, press the power button 2-3 times. It is noteworthy that every click increases 0.5W power.

Battery Life:

The SMOK Novo 4 has an 800mAh battery with a built-in Type-C 0.74A fast charging port, recharges in approximately 90 minutes which is magnificent to wind up your anxiety about lacking power and leads to a long-lasting vape experience at any time of the day. The power range of the battery lies from 5W-25W which is more helpful for vapers to adjust according to their desire taste and needs, to enjoy the low to strong strengths of flavours.

Some of the striking features of SMOK NOVO 4 Kit:

  • Constructed from zinc alloy
  • Built-in 800mAh battery with fast Type-C 0.74A charging port
  • 25W Max Output
  • Side Filling System
  • 2ml Refillable Pod
  • Advanced Leak Proof Technology
  • One-button design and simple control
  • 0.49-inch OLED screen to display all vaping information
  • The air-inlet ring meets your requirements for vapor thickness and taste tightness

Pod and Coils:

The Novo 4 pods have the same 2mL vape juice size as the previous models, but there are a few alterations. A black transparent pod is included in the box, which makes testing vape juice levels a breeze. Completely clear pods are also available for purchase separately. The refill slot is on the side, and the coils are pushed into the pod's foundation.

A 2ml Smok Novo 4 pod is included with each unit. The pods have a leak-proof build and a side fill port. During vaping, the ergonomic mouthpiece guarantees optimum convenience.

SMOK LP1 coils are consistent with the pods, and the package comes with two 0.8ohm coils that are suitable for MTL vaping. The coils consist of two resistances: 0.8 ohm and 1.0 ohm.


  • SMOK LP1 DC 0.8Ω MTL Coil: Slightly less vapor that the Meshed coil but provides a more intense flavor. Best at 12-25W
  • SMOK LP1 DC 1.0Ω MTL Coil: Stronger throat-hit and excellent MTL flavors. Best at 10-15W

Final Thoughts:

To conclude, SMOK Novo 4 is the first Novo to have an adjustable airflow control ring, newly designed LP1 Meshed series replaceable coils. The maximum output power is 25W, which can produce richer denser clouds and flavor tastes. In addition, the built-in 800mAh battery with the latest fast Type-C charging port makes it a perfect kit for all the vapers. This new version of the Novo series kit delivers the best performance as well as a smooth user interface.

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