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SMOK G15 Pod Kit Review

by web listing 21 Dec 2020

SMOK is a well renowned vendor among vaping community for their best quality vape products. The elegant design and best features efficiently fulfill the vaping needs of all ages. Additionally, the cost-friendly nature is among the premium option features by SMOK.

The SMOK Stick G15 is a vape pod with a classic pen style device.

Let us dive into a more nuanced investigation of its many features.

Quality & Design

A slim pod kit from SMOK comprised of lightweight aluminum compound. The aluminum amalgam is treated with a sandblasting oxidation measure, making a finished appearance, and delivering it nearly unique mark evidence.


The sleek and stylish pen is available in 7 beautiful colors with a slight touch of gradients that gives shinny look.



The device is very soothing ergonomically and portable. The kit is designed for MTL vaping that perfectly supports the required throat-hit.

A traffic light style battery indicator will give you fair warning about when you need to charge the G15:

  • Green light indicates battery life above 70%
  • Orange indicates between 30% and 70%
  • Red light shows the battery power to be less than 30%

Highlights on some of the special features of the device!

  • Short circuit protection
  • Intelligent atomizer recognition
  • Finger-print proof
  • 2ml MTL Pod
  • Draw-activated
  • Slim mouthpiece

Battery Life:

The G15 kit features a 700mah internal battery, that is perfect to use for beginners. The pen adopts type C fast charge, meaning that you will be vaping again in no time when your battery runs out.


The Kit is clear to help you watch out for your e-liquid levels, and held set up by a protected attractive association, making it simple to eliminate it for a speedy top off. To fill your unit, cautiously eliminate it from the gadget, open the elastic plug and addition the tip of your e-fluid jug, fill and supplant the elastic plug.

Final Thoughts:

The SMOK Stick G15’s ease of use makes it suitable for starter ones, replicating the cigarette smoking behavior whilst ensuring the best throat-hit.

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