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Smok Arcfox Advance Kit 230W

by VT Digital Marketing 28 Apr 2021

Smok is a British company that was founded a decade ago and since then has consistently supported the vaping community by introducing excellent vape products to the market, especially in the realm of electronic cigarettes. Several appealing kits, each with its own distinct look, portability, scale, and customizability, has already captivated a diverse range of vaper’s of all ages. Smok recently introduced a new member, the "Smok Arcfox Kit," to their devoted legacy. It is a work of art, full of imagination and ingenuity, displaying a sleek and contemporary quality that is adequate for the intent.

Let's take a closer look at the various aspects of this device.


Build & Quality:

The SMOK ARCFOX Kit is a well-crafted device, having a sturdy body appearance that is packed in scratch-resistant non-slip silicone and fragile metal and further encased in a fragile metal with the leather shell to shield the fuselage, making the entire look much sleeker and superior. And, to keep up with advanced technologies, its performance and reliability are also at the top. The Smok Acrofox kit possesses a three-proof feature; IP67 Waterproof, which can endure water immersion for 30 minutes between 15cm and 1 metre; IP67 Dustproof, which protects the system against dust accumulation or exposure; and shockproof, which eliminates the risk of an unexpected drop or unintended crash. Moreover, the powerful output of the chipset further ensures that each puff is clean and reliable, resulting in a pleasurable vaping experience.




Smok Arcfox is equipped with ultramodern and progressive features that sufficely meet all the needs of the vapers. The table below lists some of the specifications of the device.



88.25 × 55.6 × 30mm



Battery Capacity

Dual high - 18650 Amp

Wattage Output Range


Voltage Output Range


Resistance Range - VW Mode


Resistance Range - TC Mode


Standby Current


Charging Current



0.96-inch TFT Screen

Charging Port

Type-C Port


The SMOK ARCFOX advanced kit comes down in a special design with six trendy colours that are, Prizm Rainbow, Prizm Blue, Prizm Gold, Prizm Red, Prizm Gun Metal, and Bright Black.

Prizm Rainbow Red

Prizm Blue

Prizm Gold


Prizm Gun Metal

Bright Black

Battery Life:

The SMOK ARCFOX advanced kit powered by two external 18650 batteries, ARCFOX Kit has the potential capability to convert its inner energy to a versatile power range of 5W to 230W. The recommended wattage for both coils included with the TFV18 tank is 100-110W, and using the Smok Arcfox kit at 100W can give you 800 seconds of vaping. This works out to around 8.5 hours of 3-second puffs every other minute, which is reasonable for a 100W unit. When your mod batteries fail after a long day of use, you can simply plug it in to charge through its 2A USB-C connector. It will take roughly 3 hours to completely charge your 2x 3000mAh batteries. With VW (5W-230W) and TC (10W-80W) modes, you can fine-tune the desired range of resistance, wattage, and voltage to achieve precise power and temperature.

Some of the striking features of the SMOK ARCFOX kit:

  • Low-battery Warning
  • Battery Over-discharge Protection
  • Reverse Battery Charge Protection
  • Reverse Battery Connection Protection
  • 8-second Cut Off
  • Puff Monitoring System
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • Shockproof
  • Intelligent- Chipset
  • Top Filling System

Tanks and Coils:

The ARCFOX Kit also contains the TFV18 Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank, which has a wide 7.5mL or 2mL TBD capacity to hold your preferred e-juice.

Two coil options are included, Mini V2 S1 0.15 Ohm Single Meshed Coil & Mini V2 A2 0.2 Ohm Dual Coil, and the ARCFOX is also compatible with all TFV Mini V2 Coils.

How to fill up the tank:

  • Press the button in front of the tank and twist the top cap to the side
  • Fill through the fill hole slit
  • Close the top cap
  • Leave for 5 minutes to allow the e-liquid to soak into the coil

Changing of Coil:

  • Unscrew the base from the tank
  • Unscrew the coil and dispose of it
  • Screw in the new coil
  • Screw on the base
  • Fill the tank and leave for 5 minutes
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