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Innokin Glim Pod Kit Review

by web listing 21 Dec 2020

Innokin is a sought-after brand in the vaping industry. It’s popularity stems from its spectrum of designs, ranging from simple to sleek and elegant devices that cater to the needs of every user whether the user in question is a beginner or an advanced one

In continuation of their supreme integrity, they launched a new pod kit, Innokin Glim.

The Innokin Glim device is small, compact, and stripped of any convolution, hence making it incredibly simple to operate. The device feels right at home in your palm, nothing too alien or remarkably unique.

Let’s have a glance with an exploring eye in its details:

Quality & Design

The Innokin Glim isn’t loud by any means, the approach for this device leans more so towards the humbler side of things. It’s more modest in size and pretty lightweight in comparison to its counterparts. Utilization of this device takes the high-road and leaves the user out of any complexities that they needn’t know about. Simply fill up your pod with your choice of E-liquid, click-in and smoke away. The design is user-friendly and unsophisticated.


There are 5 plain colors to choose from: Silver, Black, Grey, Jade and Purple.



The device empowers you with a simple but premium-like performance, with each drag from the Innokin Glim being rich in flavor and texture. The agitation of button usage has been relaxed with the draw-activation method, that left no worries of its accidental fired up. In addition, the built-in safety intelligence further uplifts the flavor experience.

Highlights on some of the special features of the device!

  • Inhale activation
  • Push-to-fill design
  • Button-less technology
  • Bottom adjustable airflow control
  • 1.8 ml e-liquid capacity
  • Support MTL vaping
  • Compatible with High PG E-Liquid


The Glim kit is supplemented with a light-weight low power of 500mAh battery having a peak wattage of 9W. The battery wattage is perfect to use and very popular among newbies, as it gives a full day vaping once charged fully with a Micro USB at a 0.5A rate.

Pod and Coils:

The pod of the device bears an elementary look but purposely enough to support the kit. Whilst having a smaller size, you can fill it up with 1.8ml of your favorite e-liquids to start on your vaping journey. Further, you can easily fill up the pod by pushing it that is protected enough from the surrounding environment and guarantees child safety. The 1.2ohm of coil is implanted rigidly, that is fixed along the interior axis that’s mean you are free from replacing and changing of coil again and again. Simply, you just need to replace the pod to carry on your vaping journey.

Final Thoughts:

To sum up, you don’t need to be a choosy one in having the experience of this simple gadget. If you are a beginner and want to get rid of smoking, then most probably this can be the best starting point!

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