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FREEMAX MAXUS 50W Starter Kit Review

by web listing 18 Dec 2020

FreeMax is renowned for placing flavor above all, you’ll find that the texture of flavor is as rich during consumption as any other flagship vaping device, for example, the Autopod 50 and Maxpod.

The Freemax Maxus 50W Kit is a modest rendition of the new Maxus 200W and 100W Kits. It is an adequate box mod and Sub-ohm tank collocation, which is made of Fireluke 22 Tank Resin Edition and Maxus 50W VW mod.

Let us dive into a more nuanced investigation of its many features.

Quality & Design

The kit acquires the exemplary plan of the Maxus Kit series, developed from tough zinc-amalgam that is little, bright, strong, and solid.

Color Range:

Its commendable appearance occupies the vibes of any high-end device, having a gum and metal shaded design. There are 6 color variants to choose from: Green / Black, Orange / Yellow, Yellow / Green, Black / Blue, Red / Orange and Blue / Red.














The kit features an integrated 2000mAh battery, a 5-50W output range, and possesses a temperature control suite. Maxus 50W also has a heating element detection function, using TC heating element when in power mode will be automatically adjusted to the temperature control mode. The frame of the MAXUS 50W Kit conveys fulfilling fumes in an assortment of yield modes because of the MAXUS Chipset inside. Terminating inside 20ms, the savvy MAXUS chipset inside offers many securities for a safer and more secure vaping experience. The operation interface of the classic three-button system is very easy to use and the large, easy-to-read display allows you to view your vaping statistics clearly and comprehensively.

Highlights on some of the special features of the device!

  • Temperature control suite
  • Sliding Top Fill System - Single Fill Port
  • FreeMax FM Coil Tech 4.0 Series
  • Press-Fit Coil Installation
  • Bottom adjustable airflow control
  • 2ml e-liquid capacity (TBD edition)
  • MTL and DTL and RDL settings
  • Freebase & Nic Salt

Battery Life:

The Maxus 50W Kit is furnished with a 2000mAh implicit battery to keep your device fueled throughout the day. You can also utilize an advanced USB Type-C along with an updated 2A charging current to recharge your device efficiently and swiftly. The charging duration varies to around 80 minutes until the device is charged to completion.

Pod and Coils:

Inside the mod is a 2000mAh battery, the power of which ranges between 5-50W with resistance limits 0.1-3ohm.

Maxus 50W Mod allows you to switch through various output modes, including:

  • VPC (Variable Power Control),
  • Bypass, TC-TI (Temperature Control Titanium)
  • TC-NI (Temperature Control Nickel)
  • TC-SS (Temperature Control Stainless Steel)
  • TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance)

The coils are compatible with the Twister 30W kit and there are 4 options:

  • 0.25ohm Mesh (30-50W) – DTL higher – VG e-liquid – included in kit
  • 0.5ohm Mesh (15-30W) – DTL / Restricted DTL – higher VG e-liquid – included in kit
  • 1ohm Mesh (10-15W) – MTL – Nic Salt or High Nicotine e-liquid – available separately
  • 1.5ohm Mesh (8-12W) – MTL – Nic Salt or High Nicotine e-liquid – available separately

Fireluke 22 Tank Resin Edition:

Its frameworks composed of excellent tempered steel with an unmistakable pitch design, the device can hold up to 3.5mL e-fluid/2ml TBD version and has a redesigned and more efficient top-filling strategy. Basically, you lift and slide the top cover to re-fill the kit, deviating from traditional norms but this inclusion makes re-filling far more convenient, efficient, and child-proof. The Fireluke 22 Tank additionally has an airtight system, in any event, when the tank is loaded up with e-fluid, it underpins the substitution of its coils. At the point when the coil is drawn out, the e-fluid feed opening will consequently close.

Fireluke 22 Tank Resin Edition additionally utilizes the updated FM Coil Tech 4.0 innovation, viable with:

  • 0.25 and 0.5ohm DTL mesh coils (included)
  • 1.0ohm and 1.5ohm MTL mesh coils (sold separately)

Final Thoughts:

Drawing a conclusion, the MAXUS starter pack is ideal for fledglings or advanced users, all the same. Regardless of whether you are utilizing the DTL form or the MTL rendition, whether you need to utilize a customary freebase or salt nicotine, everything can work regularly and guarantee a good vaping experience.

Mental health is important, please take care of it.

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