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Do You Know About The Revolutionized Starter Kit Of 2020?

by web listing 22 Oct 2020

Introduction to iJoy Captain 2 180W Starter Kit

iJoy is one of the pioneers in the worldwide electronic vape industry. iJoy highly esteems having prevalent quality, mechanical plan, and new creative capacities which have been the key components to our items. For example, they have changed the picture of customary tobacco items. Likewise, they have brought the capacity of joining usefulness and excellence to the following level.

Toward the end of May, 2020, appears iJoy Captain 2 that are setting another pattern of greater starter kit. 2019 is the year for little case framework such as pod system, presently in 2020, perhaps it's an ideal opportunity to let this incredible and amazing starter kit to bang in market for vapers around the world!


What is special in Quality & Design of Captain 2?

It is a little mod using any however it isn't excessively enormous either. It's similar to other rough double battery mods. The 510 pin is extraordinary and gave no issues with any atomizer. A lot of space to fit a 30 mm atomizer without overhang. The 510 is focused and the entire mod itself is even.


This device has five alternative colors. Every one of them are generally dark however with various hued side boards. The body of the mod is canvassed in silicon for solidness. All the shading alternatives have two dark cowhide strips on each side and the calfskin looks and feels extraordinary. There is a little "iJoy" logo over the screen. The back board is carbon fiber styled with a Captain 2 logo at the base. Generally speaking, it's an incredible device in its appearance and style.


How to use it?

The Captain 2 is one of the best assembled mod devices It looks overall quite strategic. The fire button is rectangular, and it is situated on the side of mod. Underneath the screen are the all over catches and beneath them is the USB port under an elastic attachment that keeps dust from getting in. It includes an enormous high contrast 0.96-inch screen that is clear and simple to peruse, yet somewhat faint by the present guidelines.



Here is a snappy summary of the utilization:


  • Five ticks of the fire catch to turn on and off
  • Three ticks to enter the menu
  • Go through and down in the menu to choose modes and fire to acknowledge
  • In TC mode, squeezing up first lets you change the watts, pushing down first lets you change the power
  • To lock the mod and resistance in TC mode, up and down buttons used.


Size:136.8 mm x 52.2 mm x 33 mm

Battery:Dual 18650 batteries

Output power:5-180 watts

Resistance range:0.05-3.0 ohms

Screen size:0.96-inch

Material:Aluminum alloy & silicone

E-juice capacity:5 mL / 2 mL


Kit Content

1 iJoy Captain 2 box mod

1 USB cable

1 Captain V tank (X3-mesh coil pre-installed)

1 X3-C1 coil

1 Manual

1 Warranty card

More effective battery and performance!!!

iJoy Captain 2 kit is powered by dual 18650 battery. It is very powerful giving maximum output of 180W.

The power is fully adjustable as well in temperature control mode. The mod changes in 0.1-watt fashion. In the event that you hold it down however, it'll do full watt and pretty quick, so not terrible. More than 100 watts it'll pass by 10-watt increases when held down. There is no cooperative effort for wattage either.

Captain 2 tank

The tank accompanies a straight glass (2 mL) and an air pocket glass (5 mL). The coils are screwed into the base like in numerous different tanks. They are simple to eliminate and replace by unscrewing the base.

The 0.15-ohm X-3 mesh coil (40-90 watts) and 0.4-ohm X3-C1 coil (40-90 watts) are preinstalled. In total, they have 17 different coil options including RBA deck as well. It utilizes a standard wide bore 810 O-ring fitted Delrin dribble tip which is pretty plain however fits pleasantly. All the stringing on the tank is quite smooth, and the top cap can be effortlessly eliminated for filling. It has two huge fill openings for juice and it’s east to fill. The air flow control is additionally smooth, simple to change and on a plug.



To conclude, this device is self-evident of its style and specifications. This item unquestionably merits all your consideration and an attempt. iJoy Captain 2 180W Starter kit is a more revolutionary products in essence to its bigger size than the previous products of starter kits.

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