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Do we see vape devices getting smarter in the future?

by Azim Aleem 17 Jul 2020

Well, we all have seen vaping grow from an invention of a single e-cigarette to a massive multi-billion industry in such a short time span. Even now the growth has not stopped.

This industry is still growing in its maximum speed because along with the attraction of vaping being a fashion statement it has also proven itself as a safer alternative to smoking.

  • We have seen vaping grow from a cig-alike invented by a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, this cig-alike resembled the traditional cigarette, this sleek devices also included easy to use clearomizers, short battery life and a limited number of flavors.
  • To the development and sales of pen vape kits and removable battery devices with a more personalized feel.
  • The range of e-liquid flavors also multiplied excessively. For a number of keen vapers who welcomed new mechanisms as well as an unlimited choice of flavors.
  • Now we have the vaping world of customization, the introduction of rebuildable atomizers, bigger mods, pod kits. As well as the addition of advanced features that have added to the perfection of performance. Like, safety protections and Temperature Control, these features help a lot with the lifespan of your vape device.
  • Along with these we now have Bluetooth speaker combined vape models, vape kits which come with mobile apps to sync and track your vaping data, and vaping wristwatch!
  • vape pod kits

    Now with all these major steps towards “smart vaping”, what should we expect from the coming future?

    The future without any denial holds more power,
    Recently, JUUL revealed a Bluetooth-enabled pod kit known as the C1. This device includes Geofencing technology.

    It stops the device from being activated within schools and public areas, it also requires user authentication to unlock and fire up.

    Along with these advancements we can also see that companies are more careful as to who is buying the device. Age confirmation in selling vape devices has started to fire up which will actually work wonders to stop underage vaping.

    Definitely a step towards making vaping devices and smartphones foes. The future that our vaping world hold is shining bright like a diamond! Whatever the next device will be we’re sure it’ll add something positive to this industry.
    There’s one thing we need to keep in mind, the industry is getting faster every day, we should keep ourselves ready for new designs some may shock us at first glance and with some devices we’ll fall in love at first sight.

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