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Vape Kit Reviews


by Azim Aleem 24 Jul 2020

Introduction to VOOM

We first heard about VOOM in 2019 and since then VOOM has been in the limelight.

VOOM is best known for its sleek and smart designs and premium quality. Like they have said,

“We are drawn to the science of geometry where dimensions form the core fundamentals, and we capture this essence to enrich our design. Following this inspiration, we are deliberate in our approach to elegance using lines and shapes with ultra-simplicity and deliver high satisfaction with premium quality.”

The VOOM products

Quality is the main statement of VOOM vapes. The plus point here is that the quality is there but that doesn’t mean the price is going to shoot up. The prices offered on all VOOM products are reasonable.

“Keep it simple by eliminating excessive features. Make it attractive with reasonable pricing and score high on satisfaction levels. VOOM = GOOD + SIMPLE.”

Very rarely we hear quality and price going hand in hand.

Some thoughts behind VOOM coming into life:

The main and sincere goal behind ‘VOOM’ the brand, coming into life was the intention of contributing to the reduction of tobacco cigarette damage. VOOM realizes the importance of life and this is why they’ve come up with the VOOM starter kit. This device works amazingly as a tobacco cigarette healthy alternative.

As we can read the words by the brand itself,

“Our mission is to remain steadfast in our commitment to navigating cigarette smokers into reducing the damaging effects of combustible tobacco through the use of VOOM E-cigarettes. Cultivate a robust environment that helps incorporate the highest technology and supply standards to produce simple yet superior designed products with rich flavors.”

Now that we know good about the brand itself, let’s have a look at the magic it has done.


Let’s start off with the device, The VOOM starter kit:

A beautiful and sleek device with powerful battery life and amazing vaping experience.

An easy-grip along with the most perfect feel when in hand. ‘It sits where it fits’ and guess what? It fits everywhere. Even if it is a pocket or a tiny purse.


  • Capacity: 320mAh
  • Weight: 16.2g
  • Output voltage: 3.7V
  • Charging time: About 1 hour
  • Size: L20*W7.2*H85.55mm
  • vape pod kits

    With the device comes the POD!

    Have you spilled your vape juices while filling your pod/tank? Worry no more. The VOOM Prefilled pod range is here with 10 amazing flavors and 1.2ml in each pod.

    The flavors range has:


  • Ice Watermelon
  • Ice Mango
  • Ice Grape
  • Ice Strawberry
  • Ice Lemonade
  • Mint
  • Shisha Double Apple
  • Multi-flavor pack
  • Roasted Coffee
  • Tobacco
  • And if pod refilling is an easy task for you then VOOM has empty refillable pods for you. Trust us, VOOM has everything for everyone!

    VOOM Device Battery

    Never run out of battery, with the VOOM device battery you’ll have a spare battery at all times.

    The battery includes:


  • A powerful battery with a capacity of 320 MAh.
  • The average use lasts 3 days.
  • Slim, simple, and sophisticated design.
  • Seamless connection technology.
  • Easy magnetic lock mechanism.
  • We’re amazed at how much thought they have put in this device.

    VOOM PCC Charging Box

    Just because we have ‘box’ in the name doesn’t mean it is actually a box, this charging box is actually a sleek, compact but powerful device.

    Features are:


  • Portable 1,200 MAh charging box
  • Up to 4 times full charging
  • Hold a VOOM device and a pod
  • Type C charging cable
  • Now,


    Starter Kit Pro!

    Want a complete package? Here it is. The VOOM starter kit pro.

    This kit includes:


  • 1x Voom Pod Device
  • 1x Charging Docking Station
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Pod
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Warranty Card
  • Sounds amazing, right?


    The conclusion is pretty obvious, we simply love every bit of this brand ‘VOOM’ and the products that it has to offer. We can’t question on anything related to this device and that clearly shows that a lot of thoughts were put into the formation of this collection. This product definitely deserves all your attention and a try.


    What’s the difference between VOOM and other E-cigarette?

    VOOM is designed to be superior. Simple and elegant design, proper inhalation resistance, you’ll get high satisfaction the same as traditional cigarettes, but more easily and healthily with better experiences.

    VOOM E-cigarette safe to use?

    Yes. Please feel ease to use VOOM. VOOM product adopted industry-leading technologies and got certifications through various tests.

    How should I store my VOOM?

    There are no special storage requirements but it is recommended that you keep your VOOM device in a cool and dark place.

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