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A New member of OBS family?

by web listing 05 Nov 2020

Cube-S Kit Review


OBS Cube-S is the new member of well renowned OBS family vape kits such as Standard Cube, Cube X and Cube FP (fingerprint).

So, let’s dive into its interesting features:

What’s New in OBS Cube-S?

  • Upgraded fire system with speed of 0.001 seconds
  • Advanced safety chips
  • Portable with good color range
  • Cheaper and cost-friendly
  • New leather material

Quality and Design:

The most striking feature of this device for marketing is its delicate and unique curved style. The body of the device is smooth without sharper edges. OBS Cube-S device is made up of zinc alloy with back made up of leather. The anti-scratch and anti-perspiration leather grip make it ergonomically valuable.


The Cube-S tank is made up of stainless steel 304 of stainless steel 304 higher quality and heat resistant glass. Tank has 2 Mesh Coils along with the 2ml straight glass and 4ml bubble glass tube, with top fill options. The air flow has a good customization capacity according to desired needs that makes your vaping flavor to enjoy delightfully.


The Cube-S mod has 18650 external battery that gives maximum output adjustable in a range of 5-80W power. Traditional USB charging cable is replaced with Type-C 2A fast charging cable, that takes 1.5 hours to full charge your device.


The sleek device has circular activation button with two adjustment buttons on the side as well.

Color Range:

This device features into 6 different beautiful colors that successfully fulfils its purpose and your choice too.




Overall, this OBS device features its stylish and graceful appearance with advanced intelligence and safety chips. The good customizability capacity with its 3000mAh battery and efficient power range further highlight it among vapers. Above all, it is much cost-friendly as compared to other mod devices. Sounds great isn’t!

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