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Quit Smoking

Stoptober: The 28-day Stop Smoking Challenge in the UK

by VT Digital Marketing 01 Oct 2021

Public Health England introduced a stop the smoking campaign in October or, as we say it, “Stoptober”, a 28 days campaign with a vision to make citizens stop smoking for the rest of their lives. This was started in 2012 and still goes on every October.


Why did Public Health England start this campaign?

In the past couple of decades, smoking was in fashion and smokers were treated as the most sensible and intelligent persons in every town. Every week, people witness the stature of smokers, etc., in the bars and casinos and get motivated to build a personality like them.

However, Health organizations in England have registered many cancer cases in the last decades, which ultimately involve severe conditions and deaths over time. Therefore, the government and healthcare organizations put their share of fighting and slow down the use of cigarettes and tobacco.

Indeed, smoking is an addictive activity, and it's not that easy to quit. But, the passage of time and research occurring during that period results in using e-cigarettes and vape to slow down the quantity of tobacco use.

Why Does Vape Become More Sophisticated Than Tobacco Cigarettes?

Vape or E-cigarettes were introduced to convert cigarette users towards more minor harmfulness. It contains nicotine which is also used in tea. Therefore, it’s not that harmful to cause cancer or anything related to lung failure.

The verdict from Public Health England was acceptable in the community, but now the quality differs with each vaping device. The top priority of using a vape device should contain the best vape kits to give pleasure to users with less harm.

What are the terms for Introducing “Stoptober” in the first place?

Research shows that if you stop smoking for 28-days, you're five times more likely to remain smokeless permanently. Here, ALECTROFAG talks about concerning our journey to let alone smoking and the way the support helped people curb their habit always.

Therefore, we have gathered lots of experience from UK citizens, and we would like to share a single incident that will give you goosebumps.

It's the story of Simon, who was an addictive smoker, and now he quit smoking following the patterns of “Stoptober”, and he shares.

I had my 1st coffin nail after I was at college, and I’d walk up to the native park with my friends during our lunch and break times. I’d prefer to decide on peer pressure, and albeit I wished to suit up with my friends Public Health England had smoked-dried, it had been utterly my option to inhale that 1st breath from a coffin nail.

And so it stuck. Before I knew it, I became a full-time smoker. I found myself creating excuses to urge out of the house to own a coffin nail and avoid my mother searching concerning my habit. I might have to hide around the corner once smoking wherever we have a tendency to each work. Thus she wouldn’t see me, and at reception, I’d take my dog for a walk and use that as an excuse to get out of the house and have a coffin nail.

I conjointly worked long hours within the native cabaret on a weekend once smoking was legal within; this meant I might smoke all the time – it had been safe to mention, smoking became an essential part of my existence.

The smoking ban came into force on first July 2007, which meant no additional smoking within. This was after I 1st thought this might be my opening to quitting my smoking habit and attempting to urge healthy. I’d try going cold turkey. However, I may ne'er go daily while not smoking, so I continue to smoke.

In 2009 I created the prominent call to manoeuvre one hundred ten miles from my folks and visited the university in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where I studied animation and tricks. I liked it and met some beautiful individuals – Public Health England, all smoke-dried, making it even easier to smoke whenever I wished. Currently, I don't have to hide it.

This created the thought of quitting smoking even harder. I perpetually found that whereas the risks of smoking were pretty clear, the most effective way to leave isn't. There was no single best method, and I perpetually managed to seek out a reason why it had been okay to simply have ‘one more’ coffin nail.

It was then Gregorian calendar month 2016, and I was on the point of setting out on one of my longest journeys wherever smoking wasn't an associate degree choice. It had been me once in an exceeding life trip to Vancouver, wherever I had to travel nearly fourteen hours on a flight while not a coffin nail. It was terrible.

But that was it, that was the turning purpose, and that I set at that moment, I was required to prevent smoking. I used to be heading to a replacement town on the opposite facet of the planet, wherever nobody perceived to smoke and that I liked.

What got me through this?

If you’ve tried or try to quit smoking, you’ll realize there are countless various things you'll attempt to recommend you’ll receive, however ultimately, what may need work for somebody may not be the case for somebody else. It’s all concerning finding what works for you.

I’d tried everything to prevent it before, and zip worked; from the plaster vogue vasoconstrictive patches to change of state vasoconstrictive gum, it simply didn’t appear to create a distinction. This point around.

I decided to do a flavoured e-cigarette (also called a vape) with low vasoconstrictive and no tobacco. It worked, and for the primary time in over fifteen years, I didn’t crave an associate degree actual cigarette!


This coming October, Public Health Organization targeted many users to make smoking quit and make them not touch a cigarette ever again. But, if they won’t let it go with the help of this campaign then, ALECTROFAG will help to convert to vaping with the best vape kits in the UK for the betterment of their health.


What is the NHS smoke-free campaign?

In January 2018 the Smokefree Action Coalition launched the NHS Smokefree Pledge. The Pledge is meant to be a transparent and visual method for NHS organizations to point out their commitment to serving smokers to quit and to providing smokeless environments that support them.

Why was Stoptober introduced?

The Stoptober campaign could be a government initiative to cut back smoking within the kingdom and was launched in 2012 to inspire the UK's ten million smokers to prevent smoking for twenty eight days. Current analysis shows that individuals World Health Organization stop smoking throughout now are five times a lot of seemingly to stay smokeless.

What is the Stoptober Campaign?

Stoptober could be a major annual event to encourage smokers to quit for twenty eight days in Oct - with the aim of stopping smoking for good. These documents live the impact of Stoptober in every year of the campaign's operation.

What are the benefits of Stoptober?

The Stoptober challenge could be a stop smoking challenge that encourages smokers to quit smoking for twenty eight days.

Who is Stoptober aimed at?

Stoptober 2020 significantly aims to achieve individuals aged thirty five to sixty and eighteen to thirty four with stress on individuals from C2DE socio-economic teams.

What is Stoptober Public Health England?

Stoptober could be a key strand of the general public Health England (PHE) tobacco selling programmed. It’s an associate degree annual mass quit smoking calendar event, altogether created through selling. Stoptober launched in 2012 and entered its eighth year in 2019. Its final objective is to inspire smokers to quit smoking.

What is the success rate of Stoptober?

An analysis of the 2018 Stoptober campaign showed that the campaign generated quit makes an attempt among nineteen of all smokers and up to date ex-smokers. This was loosely in line with the previous year wherever the figure was 16 PF (Public Health England 2019). However, solely 8 May 1945 of smokers were still not smoking after four weeks.

How much does Stoptober cost the Government?

£5.8 million has been provided by the government to the Department of Health in the last nine years.

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