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Quit Smoking


by Azim Aleem 04 Sep 2020

We can take this in both ways, positive and negative. Australia has now become the most expensive country to buy a pack of 20 cigarettes. It is going to cost you a whopping £19!

This cost will make smokers think twice before buying cigarettes but along with that, it will also promote people to go towards the black side.

Don’t understand? We’ll explain.



The most expensive country in the world to buy cigarettes: A pack of 20 in Australia now costs £19 after the latest tax hike.

The price of cigarettes and tobacco products will rise by 12.5% from today. It is the second time in one year that Australia's tobacco tax has increased. Imagine! pack-a-day smokers will now be bombarding out nearly £7,000 per year to buy cigarettes. Popular brands are even more expensive, because why not? Smokers will now have to spend a fortune if they want to continue smoking.

NSW Nationals MP Michael Johnsen, who himself smoked for 40 years, told 2GB radio that more should be done to encourage vaping - an alternative he says is cheaper and safer.

'We hear the federal government want to ban it altogether. I think rather than banning it, in NSW we should be taking the lead and the federal government should be coming along with us in terms of legalizing, regulating and taxing it,' Mr. Johnsen said.

'It should be used as a way for people that want to get off smoking, to transition out of smoking.'

A year's worth of vaping costs about £550 in contrast, but at the moment laws around vaping are somewhat complex and all states and territories have their legislation regarding the sale of e-cigarettes.

Under Australian poison regulations, the possession and use of nicotine for vaping are effectively banned.


good news

Well, with this much amount on every box, a smoker will think a lot more than before. People who don’t earn much but still smoked because it was a little cheaper will now either reduce or try to stop.

We don’t think a man who earns just about enough will want to spend £7,000 a year on just cigarettes but still, who knows.


bad news

We remember that the government banned vaping with nicotine in Australia, right? If not click here. Now that ban adding into this will cause what?

Yes! People are going to look for other ways to get their cravings satisfied and the only option left will be the black-market. Do we want that? We have seen people die because of buying stuff from illegal resources.


stop smoking

The reasons why vaping turns out to be the best idea are because it is safer and cheaper. Vaping companies care about the vapers enough to provide the products that are safe for their health and that are laboratory tested.

This will not and cannot happen in the black market, nothing is safe and nothing is tested, we have all seen it in the past. E-cigarettes are made by some well-reputed companies like SMOK, INNOKIN and ASPIRE. Just like vape kits, vape e-liquids are also made in laboratory environments and by brands like Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Element, Twelve monkeys and Dinner lady.


It is better to trust the ones who are working with loyalty than forcing people to jump in the well of death.

Vaping companies work with complete loyalty because when it comes to life, they know it’s important. So, Australia’s step towards killing the killer which is smoking is good but the ban on vaping must be lifted it’ll save people from much worse trouble.

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