Smoking & Pregnancy

You can’t quit smoking, right? But would you like your baby to get hurt because of you? If the answer is no then you should definitely give up smoking during pregnancy. Smoking will affect your baby during, before and after the birth.

Harmful Effects:

If you are smoking during pregnancy then be prepared for your baby to have a number of health issues when he\she is born. Some of the harmful effects of smoking on baby’s health are as follow:

  • Your baby will not be able to get enough oxygen during the development process
  • Your baby’s heart beat will not stay normal
  • There will be the danger of premature birth
  • More chances of your baby having respiratory problems

Passive Smoking:

You have to save yourself from passive smoking while you are pregnant, because it’s really harmful for your baby. The smoke from the burning end of a cigarette is more dangerous than the smoke inhaled. So, you have to be really careful about that, because inhalation of passive smoke gives rise to a number of complications of pregnancy.

How to Quit Smoking:

Now the question coming into your mind will be how to get rid of smoking, right? Don’t stress yourself you can quit smoking by adopting the following simple habits:

  • Keep the matches, lighters out of your sight
  • Keep mint flavoured gums in your pocket and eat them whenever you feel like smoking
  • Do not go to places where smoking is common because by seeing everyone smoking you will also start smoking

How Will it feel like after Quitting Smoking:

It’s a fact that you will not feel good after a few days of giving up smoking. It will be very difficult to quit smoking but you will definitely observe some positive changes in yourself after a few weeks of giving up smoking. The most important benefit of quitting smoking will be that your baby will be born healthy. So, it’s better to give up this habit for the sake of your child’s health.