Myths about Quit Smoking

Confused about the myths regarding quitting smoking? Don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong? Don’t worry this article will surely help and guide you on your journey of giving up smoking.

So, some common myths about quit smoking and the reality behind them are listed below:

1- Your Weight will Increase:

It is a very common myth that once you’ll stop smoking you’ll start gaining weight. This is true to some extent because smoking speeds up your metabolism and after quitting it you feel hungrier than before. This causes your weight to increase. But there is nothing to worry about. You can control your weight by following the measures listed below:

  • Don’t miss your meals
  • Avoid sugary treats as much as possible
  • Your fridge must be filled with healthy snacks

2- Smoking Relieves Stress:

People think that smoking relieves stress but actually it increases your stress by accelerating your heartbeat. It is a wrong concept that smoking helps in reducing anxiety.

3- NRT is more expensive than Smoking:

A lot of people have a wrong concept in their minds that NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) costs them more than smoking. They have no idea just how much they spend on their smoking. They think that smoking is cheaper than the therapy. Although the NRT products cost more than cigarettes but once your addiction for nicotine and hence cigarettes will end you will be able to spend your money somewhere else. So, NRT will be costly but will help you save money in the long run.

So, this article would have surely provided answers to your questions and would have helped you clear your mind from these myths. Quitting smoking is difficult but not impossible and if you are determined to give up smoking you will surely be able to do so.