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by Arslan Ahmad 28 Aug 2020
self-isolation with help

We all remember the time we have faced due to the coronavirus. It has been tough, painful and unforgettable. Now our lives have slowly started to get back on track but we should keep one thing in mind.


It’s good if we look at the brighter side that we all fought together and we were able to reduce the number of cases. That reduction was drastic but there are still certain areas that are at high risk.

People are still struggling for life there and it's hard to maintain a normal life when you see deaths and cases around. Along with being happy for ourselves, we need to keep them in mind too.


We should consider the efforts of our government to fight with this deadly virus because they’ve played an important role in getting everything back to normal.

Now workers who have low incomes in parts of England will be able to claim up to £182 if they have to self-isolate. This is for areas that are at a high risk of coronavirus.

It has been announced that from Tuesday, those who claim Universal Credit or Working tax Credit and they also cannot work from home will get the money.

North-west England will get these benefits first because that area has been at high risk.

Either employed or self-employed people who test positive for the virus are compulsory to isolate themselves for 10 days, so those suitable for the extra money will get £130, It will be equal to £13 a day.

The health secretary told BBC Breakfast that NHS Test and Trace was now attaining almost 75% of contacts and with the extra support we get the last few percentages.

"The British public has already sacrificed a great deal to help slow the spread of the virus," said Mr. Hancock.

People will need to provide evidence - including, for example, proof of a positive test, a message from NHS Test and Trace and a bank statement and the money will be provided within 48 hours, the government said.

the government's step


Mr. Burnham said

"I am pleased they have at last acknowledged this issue but am sorry to say this move goes nowhere near far enough."

The health secretary said that he couldn't live on Statutory Sick Pay at £95 a week. So how can an announcement like this work? He called for the government to allow people "to self-isolate on full pay".

Mohammed Iqbal, Labor leader of Pendle Borough Council in Lancashire also said that £13 a day was "a slap in the face".

"I've spoken to people who have tested positive who I have persuaded to stay home and the kickback from them is to say... 'who is going to put food on the table for my wife and children?”

These were few of the objections. We should still try to look at the side where the government is trying to help a little to make the situation a little better.

the objection


We do understand the situation is critical and the state is different for everyone now, those who are safe from this virus and those who’re still badly in a cage of this virus.

It’s the time we need peace of mind and hearts, the government and NHS took a step towards betterment and we hope they’ll also understand how much the people need whom they’ve asked to self-isolate.

We suggest anyone who’s area is at risk to stay home and do not use cigarettes or alcohol as a stress-relief weapon. They’ll put your life at an even worse risk. Vaping is still a safer alternative if you’re looking for something to release stress and it will save you from going out too.

You can simply order vape kits, e-liquids and anything related to vaping online and it will be on your doorsteps following the SOPs and you will not have to go out to buy anything, unlike these traditional cigarettes.


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