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New Year’s Resolution

So, the New Year is here with all the new hopes and promises that we make to ourselves. New Year’s resolution is a great way to set a goal for yourself and let go of a bad habit.

How to make a New Year’s Resolution?

New Year’s resolution has two phases, one is setting a goal and the other one is completing it within the given frame of time. Well setting a goal is quite easy but staying committed to your goal whole heartedly is way far tough.

Is Quitting Smoking, your New Year’s Resolution?

If the answer of the above question is yes then best of luck with that, because it is very difficult to achieve such goal. To let go of a bad habit is quite a difficult task. Smoking is not just a bad habit but is also very harmful for the health of a person. No matter how hard a person tries to quit smoking, eventually they end up from where they started. People smoke cigarettes due to different reasons, some smoke for fun, some for pleasure and some for the sake of getting an escape from their depression and worries.

Sticking to your goal is a difficult task, but if you are truly determined to achieve it then nothing can stop you from doing that.