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Let’s exit lockdown knowing that the virus is still around us

by Azim Aleem 02 Jul 2020

We are in a lockdown since months and months now. No doubt it was the best solution at first to control the spread of Corona virus but now the question is that, Is this lockdown still the right decision? We’re here to answer this.

The need to ease lockdown

The answer to that question is NO! because it was okay as a first strict action against the spread but now, we can see some dreadful consequences including, mental health issues, economic issues and chances of deaths other than related to the virus. Almost everyone is facing mental health issues during this time because of lack of activities and constant news threats people are unable to step out of their houses, many plans made are cancelled and basically living life in a box. This lifestyle has started to cause anxiety and depression issues among people, which is not a good sign because it can further lead to severe mental sickness and other related results like suicides.

Then comes the economy, along with the country’s economy being at a serious risk because of the shut-down of businesses of all kinds. The families where income was earned on daily basis to get the household working are getting gravely affected too. Because of this situation getting severe day by day it has now become a need to ease lockdown and bring back ‘normality’ in life.

What is required to allow this ease in lockdown

If we know what lockdown has done to us, we should also know what the virus can do to us. So to again live a normal life there are a few rules.


  • Follow the precautionary measures as strictly as you were before like, wearing masks, gloves, sanitizing and washing your hands.
  • Choose the places you want to visit wisely, avoid places that are at a high-risk. for example, choosing a gym in this time will be a risk because people breath out in that enclosed area for hours.
  • Avoid doing anything that puts social-distancing at risk for example gathering a lot of people in one place. It’s hard to keep control when people are around in a large number.
  • Other requirements to prevent the second wave of this deadly virus are:


  • The government seriously needs to upscale the healthcare system’s diagnostic capacity, both for detection of the virus and for the identification of immune people. RT-PCR and rapid antigen tests should be available in numbers more than the number of people affected.
  • Contact tracing should be done to the best limit, to prevent further spread of this disease.
  • We all need to know that fighting this disease is not just the government’s responsibility, Its ‘our’ responsibility and if we can have a normal life just with a few precautionary measure, Why not?

    We care about you and with the ease of lockdown our services locally and online will be available for you. We make sure you shop in a protected environment without any fear because, your safety is our priority. Feel free to visit our shop or place your order online..

    Have a safe vape..

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