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Do all vapes are different? Or it’s Just a Myth! Let’s find out.

by M Tajamul 22 Dec 2021

That’s not true at all. Because every vape is designed in different ways for people. For instance, hardcore smokers used to vape differently than beginners. Like we can see some types of vape kits below:

  • Disposable Vapes or Puff Bar
  • Mod Kits
  • Vape Pods
  • Advanced Vaping Kits
  • And many more

If there wouldn’t be any difference between these kits, how could they have changed names and different functionalities? True right? Because every name defines the attributes, so that’s a totally false statement about these kits. 

Additionally, let me describe some more vape properties to make my word count. So, here are some to understand about these beautiful products.

Disposable Vape Kits:

As I have mentioned above, the names of anything tells the attributes of the products. So, by the name of these amazing kits, disposable kits are not permanent. Therefore, only beginners can use them, well pro’s also welcome to use but they will just gonna play with these products.

But beginners can relate him or herself with them to be a cool person in college or in high school (if you are 21 and still in high school, what a shame). Meanwhile, this type of kit contains a lithium battery, cotton with flavour, a coil for heating up the process and air pressure holes on the bottom to let the air pass from top to bottom or bottom to top (if you blow from the lower side of the kit, the choice is yours). As you know, if you want to know some disposable kits, here are three of them (geek bar, magic bar, and elf bar).

Mod Kits:

Mod kits are a little advanced than disposable kits. Because they are made for people who quit cigarettes. Because they quit cigarettes, therefore it’s important for them to get a hit stronger equal to the cigarettes to continue their vaping journey.

And you can customise your vapes too. Because it comes with e-liquids which you can increase or decrease accordingly, plus you can add some extra NIC salts to make a squeezy thickness in your throat. For examples are Voopoo, Wotofo, Uwell Caliburn Koko Prime. The choice is yours.

Advanced Vaping Kits:

This is the boss stage because it’s the strongest vape kit in the states, and I can bet you on that, trust me. Because the best, well, that’s true. It is the excellent and the father of vaping kits.

You can customise it in every way you want. You can add a new liquid tank in it, a new battery, you can even recharge it, put new coils in it, new flavours, a new atomiser, a new chamber, etc. It is just awesome. Some of the advanced kits are (Eleaf iStick Power, Uwell Crown, Smok Arcfox, Alpha zip, Freemax, Gens, and many more). 

Are You Clear Now?

Read my written details above? As you see, these babies are different from each other and their customers too. By the way, there is a saying that vapes are also equally harmful with cigarettes, but that’s not true, you know why?

Because, as the Public Health England said, 

“We all agree that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than smoking.”

So, as by the Public Health England, there are no worries to smoke an e-cigarette just to release yourself from tar burning cigarettes with millions of health-compromising possibilities.

Hence, the answers are in front of you. The choice is yours. Your health is in your own hands, and you can play with it any way you want.

The Final Curtain Call:

Here’s the end of our journey as we read it together, there are tons of vaping kits in the market, and as by the examples, it’s now easy to select for yourself. Meanwhile, it’s okay to vape by the Public Health England because it’s safer, and there have been no deaths calculated from vapes for the past 2 decades. So it’s safe, and most importantly, it’s the way to quit cigarette smoking.

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