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A Step Towards Saving The Planet

by Azim Aleem 01 Sep 2020
impact of pollution


Impact of pollution

Pollution can be in:


  • The air we breathe
  • The water we drink
  • The soil we use
  • The lit-up skies
  • The increasing noise we hear
A polluted environment is a polluted society

Pollution is defined as the collection of foreign harmful substances and products into the environment they are commonly known as contaminants or toxins.

Pollution befalls in many forms like, chemicals in the form of gases or liquids, noise, energy sources such as light or heat, or solids such as the types of waste that end up in landfills, for example, plastic and cigarette butts.

The reason why I’ve mentioned plastic pollution specifically is that it is causing serious harm to our planet now.

What happens is that the accumulation of plastic objects (e.g. plastic bottles, bags and microbeads) badly affects wildlife, wildlife habitat, marine life and humans.

Plastics are inexpensive and durable, and as result levels of plastic usage and production by humans are high.

The main issue is that the chemical structure of plastics makes them resistant to many natural processes of degradation and in the result, they are slow to degrade and this causes plastic pollution.

A great initiative by the government

The government of the UK recently came up with this initiative that the price of plastic bags will be double in a hope to reduce the purchase.

The fee for plastic shopping bags in England will be doubled to 10p and extended to all shops from April 2021

Environment Secretary George Eustice described the UK as

"a world-leader in this global effort".

He further added

"But we want to go further. so, we can continue to cut unnecessary waste and build back greener"

"Our carrier bag charge has been hugely successful in taking billions of harmful plastic bags out of circulation," said Mr. Eustice.

Greenpeace's Sam Chetan-Welsh said:

"By raising the price of plastic bags again the government is taking a small step in the right direction, but by now they should be making great strides."

A great initiative by the government

What has plastic done to date?

Plastic leads to the destruction of marine life and polluting the earth. Tons of plastic are in the environment as waste, specifically in the oceans and seas.

More than 80% of marine litter is plastic which kills up to 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine creatures each year by its consumption.

Some scientific studies say that we are ingesting five grams of plastic per week, from the tap, bottled water and through our food. This eventually goes into our bloodstream, which can lead to cancer and many other diseases.

Also, when plastic is burnt, it can be harmful to human health and increase carbon production that contributes to climate change.

What has plastic done to date

What other pollution we should control

The first one will be plastic pollution and the second one will be air and environment. Some things are completely in our control and if we try, we can help our planet.

Other than plastic, pollution created by smoking is also a big concern now because the careless disposal of cigarette butts is harmful. It contains many toxins and other cancerous elements and the smoke produced by smoking is also extremely deadly.

The way we can help this issue is by switching to a healthier alternative which is vaping, 95% safer and environment friendly as well.

What other pollution we should control

Final note

As a part of this planet and as a wise human we need to contribute to the betterment of our planet. It has served our generations in the past and will continue serving but what are we doing in return?

Each one of us individually is capable of bringing out a positive change just by changing some habits. Help the government by using paper bags and try to stop pollution of any sort.

Because if we will not think about our world, who will?


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