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by Azim Aleem 26 Aug 2020
a level

We work hard for years and wait for that one day when our results will be announced because our future depends on it. Things didn’t go well with A-levels this year, the coronavirus stress was not yet over and we got another issue. These years are an important part of every student’s life. Most students give their best in these exams just so they can score good enough to get a seat in their favorite university.

These years things were a little different, grades arrived for exams that were never taken. Most times the headlines would have been about this being a record year for top grades with almost 28% getting A*s or As. But This year was dark, exam results day was full of uncertainty this time, almost two out of every five results were lower than the grades predicted by their teachers.

But those trying to get to their wanted university might find that they're able to get in with lower grades than in previous years, because of the promise of super-flexible admissions.

It is hard to believe but universities have promised to give admissions on low grades because of the stress that has been created. We still don’t know how much of this is true.


They are trying! It is not easy to work hard for years and then get nothing.

Students are mentally stressed and that can lead to many serious issues, including anxiety, depression and other issues. As a stress-relief student are trying to get into other activities but we’re scared that this stress may lead to some other problems that are a life threat.

Protesting against the system has less chance of bringing a change but a bigger chance of students getting disappointed after doing everything and not seeing any changes.

Some students are sensitive for the grades and some are not so, it’s a tough time for the ones who are because we don’t want them to take any wrong steps.

student deailing


What we can do is that we can stand by our brothers, sisters, daughters, sons and friends who’re in this situation, make them feel it's okay.

The time is already rough for them and by taunting or mocking for their result you don’t want to make them take a step that you regret life. Yes, we are talking about suicide here. We need to understand the importance of mental stress and related illnesses.

Your words can cause them to start drinking or smoking because they’ll have to find some way to deal with the stress.

You can use vaping as an alternative to smoking or drinking because it is 95% less harmful. Vaping will act as a stress-relief and will also protect your health. Vape kits and e-liquids are your way to go.

save student


Times are tough and it looks impossible in the start, you feel you can’t live a life in this situation but trust us, this time will pass and you’ll get in the university of your choice.

For that, you need to protect yourself from faulty thoughts, smoking and drinking because if not anything these habits definitely will put your future at risk.

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